NZBVortex 2.9.1 Mac Usenet Client

NZBVortex recently released a new version of their popular Mac Usenet Client.  NZBVortex version 2.9.0 included a number of new features along with bug fixes.  The minor 2.9.1 release fixes a couple issues.  You can get a free version of NZBVortex with some limitations or buy a license for $19.99 from the Mac App Store to open up all the bells and whistles.  Including advanced post processing and support for multiple news servers.

NZBVortex 2.9.1

Here’s a full list of NZBVortex 2.9 and 2.9.1 features from the NZBVortex site:

  • Bbinsearch and nzbX search engine and support a new filename format.
  • “Ask for Download Location” not working for Search and RSS
  • Support more obfuscated filename schemes
  • Nicely animated and striped Progressbar
  • Improve Speed graph – wider and fill color
  • Support new hashed NZB filename or in-NZB files
  • Binsearch support – result scraper
  • Add search engine
  • Ability to specify decompress password during enqueueing
  • Support more tv show number schemes
  • RSS feeds: Watch name in bold if updates available
  • Update Growl framework to 2.0.1
  • Improve incomplete nzb file detection
  • Support badly numbered HJSplit split sets
  • “Pause Junk” pauses too small or no start archive AND (new) also rar-in-rar and hint files
  • Combine search results adds to top of queue
  • Whitelist IP for network API / WebUI
  • Quicker NZB parser
  • DirectNZB http headers for add NZB via URL
  • NetworkAPI: Ability to specify group during add of NZB
  • Improve password detection by distincting between real password

NZBVortex is a fine choice for those downloading Usenet content to Mac. You can visit their site to download a trial copy or purchase a license.  With two releases this year, development of the client is quite active.

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NZBVortex $9.95 MacUpdate Sale

It’s been over a year since we’ve seen a special on NZBVortex so we were happy to see MacUpdate running another promotion on the popular Mac newsreader.  If you’ve been looking for a solid Mac Usenet client then NZBVortex is one of a handful of readers we would recommend.  Along with the Newshosting client, Binreader, SABnzbd and Unison.  The sale is for one day only so pick up your copy of NZBVortexx today for just $9.95.

The current version of NZBVortex is 2.8.2.  The development of the Mac Usenet client continues at a fast pace.  With over ten releases so far this year.  If you’d like to compare NZBVortex with other leading Mac clients before purchasing then also take a look at the Newshosting client, Binreader SABnzbd and Unison.  Each has it’s own advantages.  Just don’t forget that the MacUpdate NZBVortex promotion will end at the end of the day.

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NZBVortex 2.7.1 Mac Usenet Client Release

NZBVortex recently released a new version of their popular Mac Usenet Client.  NZBVortex version 2.7.1 includes a number of new features along with bug fixes.  You have the option of downloading a free version of NZBVortex with some limitations or you can purchase a license for $19.99 from the Mac App Store to open up all the bells and whistles.  Including advanced post processing and support for multiple news servers.

Here’s a full list of NZBVortex 2.7.1 features taken directly from the NZBVortex site:

  • Fixed in 2.7.1: A potential crash while downloading a zip in watch folder
  • Rare crash during adding of a NZB after a damaged NZB (gerteunis) – resolved.
  • Implemented a NFO preview popup for search results (gerteunis) – resolved.
  • Dont offer to move app to applications in sandbox mode (gerteunis) – resolved.
  • Make MAS sandbox compatible on Mac App Store
  • Use a semi private API to detect if an file is in use (gerteunis) – resolved.
  • “?” Matching in filtering etc should match exactly one character (gerteunis) – resolved.
  • Cleanup rss view and make it easier to understand (gerteunis) – resolved.
  • Delete files from parse queue when they don’t contain an nzb start tag (gerteunis) – resolved.
  • “Auto remove finished nzbs” prevents queue completed notify & sleep (gerteunis) – resolved.
  • Show NFO links back in search results (gerteunis) – resolved.
  • Show files + PAR2 file count in main search results (gerteunis) – resolved.
  • Rebuild state file when SQLite open fails (gerteunis) – resolved.
  • Remove temporary entitlement and use secure bookmarks (gerteunis) – resolved.
  • Failed download counts as paused and finished at the same time (queue status) (gerteunis) – resolved.
  • Blacklist path finder for open file check (gerteunis) – resolved.
  • Pause nzbs containing uuencoded articles (gerteunis) – resolved.
  • Add “maxsize=” to the SD RSS feed created with “Save As RSS” button (gerteunis) – resolved.
  • Option to disable growl notifications (gerteunis) – resolved.
  • Very sporadic crash while deleting a finished download (thanks Winston Smith) (gerteunis) – resolved.
  • Double add of same nzb still posible sometimes (gerteunis) – closed.
  • Only SHA1 check NZB files in parse queue (gerteunis) – closed.

If you enjoy downloading from Usenet via Mac then definitely check out NZBVortex. Visit their site and download a trial copy or buy a license.  NZBVortex continues to evolve into one of the very best Mac clients on the market.

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NZBVortex 2.5 Simplifies Adding RSS Feeds

On November 2nd NZBVortex released the latest version of their popular Mac Usenet Client.  NZBVortex version 2.5 has a number of tweaks along with better support for French Canadian renamed file uploads.  In addition to a cool new search screen for adding RSS feeds.  You can purchase a license for $19.95 to open up all the bells and whistles including advanced post processing and support for multiple news servers.

Here’s a full list of NZBVortex 2.5 features taken directly from the NZBVortex site:

  • Support the French/Canadian renamed file uploads and improve other funcky nzbs
  • Better support misnamed files during par2 phase
  • Introduce a “configure sleep” balloon while clicking the Zzz button
  • Show a balloon for the hard to find (seems) sleep and speed limit buttons
  • Lion resume fullscreen wrong screen dimensions.
  • Add a low CPU priority mode option for postprocessing
  • Press SPACE to pause/resume marked downloads.
  • “Reset Monthly server volume” doesn’t work when “volume limit warning” is disabled
  • Server traffic reset button doesn’t update UI right away
  • A reminder on launch that speed limit is use
  • Show “speed limit” balloon above speed limit mode button when pressed
  • Detect “wake up computer” timeout – make it little more snappy
  • Application fade in animation glitch
  • Button to add search query as RSS watch
  • Merging nzb with another already imported paused nzb should not start download.
  • Wildcard support rss / group matching / cleanup (regex using slash)
  • Right click -> make this nzb the next to download
  • Delete to trash with “Yes and Delete Files” or at least make it optional.
  • Episodes watch values not saved following power cut
  • Move out all other stuff from ProcessSpeed thread
  • Rename files if the nzb contains other filenames compared to the par2 set content
  • Drop NZB after itself (blue line bottom of itself) moves moves below the next NZB
  • Franticly clicking SSL checkbox might cause a crash during test server settings (NSThread)

If you’re a Mac fan and haven’t had a chance to check out NZBVortex newsreader yet then visit their site and download a trial copy.  The client is very intuitive and easy to use.  It definitely has a nice Mac feel to it.

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MacUpdate 50% Off NZBVortex Promotion

If you’ve been considering NZBVortex newsreader or looking for a good Mac Usenet client then today is a good time to buy.  As our friends over at MacUpdate are offering 50% off NZBVortex.  The NZBVortex promotion is a MacUpdate daily deal so it is only valid through the end of today – September 1, 2011.  Leaving about 22 hours from the time this post goes live.  Visit the MacUpdate promo page to learn more and save 50% off NZBVortex.

The current version of NZBVortex is 2.4.2.  The development of the Mac newsreader has been fierce lately.  With three new updates in August alone.  If you’d like to compare NZBVortex with other leading Mac clients before purchasing then also take a look at Unison, Binreader, SABnzbd and Hogwasher.  Each has it’s own set of advantages.  Just don’t forget that the MacUpdate 50% off NZBVortex promotion will end at the end of the day.

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NZBVortex Version 2.3 Supports Mac OS X Lion

On July 18th NZBVortex released a new version of their Mac Usenet client.  NZBVortex version 2.3.0 is available for download and compatible with the new Mac OS X 10.7 Lion.  We started tracking the progress of NZBVortex last year.  Since then the team has released several versions.  Users rave about how easy it is to navigate and use NZBVortex and we definitely agree.  The client might not have all the features of Newsbin Pro or Newsleecher but it doesn’t need to.  It presents Mac fans with a clean design and easy to use client.

Here’s a list of whats new in the NZBVortex 2.3.0 release:

  • Groups with auto matching, added to queue, filterbar, rss and more.
  • Mac OS X 10.7 Lion Ready
  • Option to disable removing dots form filename (better for some scrapers)
  • Better cleanup “Sample” folder (especially for german releases)
  • More queue sort options: Age, Size, Name, Group Name, Remaining bytes
  • Lion UI fixes for the momentum scrollbars
  • Better Giganews SSL to non-SSL server switch
  • Prevent multiple launches of NZBVortex
  • Able to add preference toolbar icon
  • Welcome message displayed too often for new users
  • Support for RAR sets which start with .001

We look forward to testing the latest version of NZBVortex in the near future.  Right after upgrading to OS X Lion.  You can purchase a license of NZBVortez for $19.95.  With a number of buying options.  See their license page for more details.  Those new to NZBVortex or considering which Mac newsreader to choose might also have interest in reading the reviews at MacUpdate.  NZBVortex has very high user ratings with an average of 4.5 stars.

NZBVortex Mac Newsreader Version 1.6.1 Released

NZBVortex has made it’s mark this year.  Joining the likes of Unison, SABnzbd and Hogwasher among the best Mac newsreaders in the market.  Earlier this week they released version 1.6.1 and continue to actively develop the Usenet browser.

Here are the NZBVortex 1.6.1 release notes:

New in this release: Usenet Search, Queue Filter bar and introduce advanced manual repair options.

List of the biggest changes:

  • Fixed in 1.6.1: Fixed launch issue of specific rss feeds
  • Performance tuning of large file lists
  • Introduced “Download all par2 files”
  • Introduced “Add PAR2s from NZB…”
  • Introduced “Download all par2 files of…”
  • Move to completed fails during sleep/wake (wifi not available)
  • Make search history available in the top right corner search field
  • Make (hidden) pref for Shutdown instead of sleep
  • Rar postprocessing cleanup for Rxx, Sxx, Txx and Uxx
  • Small pixel tweaks in RSS view
  • Add “Search for NZB” using a public nzb index site
  • Prevent never-ending file save on fast connections (memory eater)
  • Delete state file if it’s damaged on start of app
  • Warn for app slim functions when app is damaged
  • Add “Add par2 files from..” to NZB context menu to add all par2s from another NZB
  • Continue download of target folder already exists AND filename is there
  • Unable to import NZB with same name from same location
  • Graphic glitches and interface freezing when switching view mode fast over and over
  • Make KB/s MB/s and GB/s work better for Dock icon as well
  • Only update filelist when selecting a NZB when the filelist is visible
  • Time to completion incorrect
  • And lots of other smaller changes

Read our NZBVortex review to learn more or download the latest version and enjoy!

NZBVortex Version 0.7.0 Released for Mac OSX

For those who haven’t tried NZBVortex here is your chance.  The NZB Usenet downloader was first released on February 12th and has been updated several times since including the latest release – 0.7.0 on April 30th.

NZBVortex supports Mac OSX version 10.5.0 and later.  There are very few Mac newsreaders on the market (SABnzbd, Unison, Hogwasher, Hellanzb) so having another join the group is a nice addition.  NZBVortex offers a free version and a full featured version for $9 which includes support.

Here is the 0.7.0 release information from the NZBVortex site:

Version 0.7.0 released – April 30th, 2010

This version adds support for accented characters in filenames, Cleanup files after download, supports moving the completed files to another location (temp/complete folders) and the option for you to manually start postprocessing of downloads.

This release has a lot of other fixes and tweaks mainly for low occurance issues.

Thanks go out to Povilas Griskevicius and Mamahuhu for their thorough tests!

Other new features:

  • Make post processing optional/delayable
  • Ability to move completed downloads to another location
  • After completion cleanup: Make configurable which file types to auto cleanup
  • Incorrect parsing of yenc message with ‘special character’ filenames
  • Cleanup filenames in NZB’s which contain set numbers in the filename ” (1/79)”
  • One-article files use crc32 field instead of pcrc32
  • Make NZB parse routine more robuust to it will not add nzb’s twice or download in same folder
  • Article state repair after restart was causing downloading of skipped files
  • During prefs save: only reset current connections if connection prefs are changed
  • Save invalid yenc message to file in “Application support” folder
  • Gather anonymous system info during Sparkle update
  • Sleep button doesn’t work if there are paused download in the listing
  • NZB waiting in “saving/downloading” state after “Need additional blocks: .. 1..”
  • NZB download folder should not end in .nzb even when cleanup falls back to default
  • ‘Support’ filenames with an forward slash in it
  • Extra cleanup expressions
  • When reverting state of FileArticle to FileArticleStateWaiting also update File and NZBstate
  • Make sure a 0 bytes file will be saved if all articles are bad
  • Filename cleanup should accept accented chars
  • Increase max number of concurrent connections
  • Change button for Download location and NZB watch folder broke on 10.5
  • Incorrect display of total and nzb file size on large files

Read our NZBVortex profile to learn more about the newsreader.