NZBsRus Down : Migrating Site to New Servers

Oct. 28, 2011 update – NZBsRus is down but for a much different reason this time around.  According to an NZBsRus twitter post the site owners have received a cease and decease order and are considering their options.  In the meantime the site is offline.  Here’s a list of alternative NZB sites to consider or you can sign up for the Newshosting $9.99 deal which includes the Newshosting Usenet client with built-in search.

We’ve had a few questions from NZBsRus fans trying to figure out what happened to the site.  As the domain is currently down.  Not to fear.  The NZBsRus team is currently migrating to new servers.  We don’t have an ETA for the return of NZBsRus but would anticipate the site to be up soon.  I know last month they had some issues with their host.  Perhaps the current outage and server move is related.

Follow @nzbsrus on Twitter for updates on the current server migration and future outages.  As they are good at tweeting site related information.  We look forward to the quick return of NZBsRus.  If you need another site to get you by until the server migration is complete visit the Usenet search section of NGR.

NZBs’R’US Site Upgrade

Over the next day or so NZBs’R’US will be upgrading their Usenet search site.  The website might be down at times during the transition.  They are apparently reloading a server and adding new modules to enhance the speed and stability of the nzb site.

Here is a message from the NZBs’R’US staff explaining the upgrade and additional steps you may need to take after the newly loaded server is back online.

Dear NZBs’R’US user,

The past week, NZBs’R’US has been taunted by a server that
did not want to see things our way. Short down-times and
several over-all slow downs have been the result of it.

Said thing is that the cause of the nuisance is caused by
something that, even after a couple of days, we still have
not quite figured out. We have therefore decided to do some-
thing we wanted to do for some time already: we are going
to install the server from scratch. This will mean that
the site will not be available for a short while, some
time the coming 24 hours.
This will allow us to upgrade to more stable versions of
software we are currently running and also it will allow
us to add some modules that will further enhance speed and
stability of the site. Those who have been visiting us
in the past few days have probably already noticed some
improvements (even though the server still crashed from
time to time) and we intend to come back stronger, faster
and even more versatile than before.

While we are at a position of great discomfort anyway,
we also decided to push a security update through, one
that regards the user passwords. This update means that
previous passwords have been invalidated. If you visit
our site using auto-login you will be presented a page that
will ask you to either enter your current password or to
enter a new one. Otherwise, you will have to request for
a password reset through the page below:

After a new password has been sent to you, you can update
it to something you might find easier to remember on your
profile page (under the ‘Account Settings’ tab):

If you encounter any problems regarding your password
update, or any other issue, please do not hesitate to
contact us right away:

We dearly apologize for any inconvenience this might have
caused you. We hope that once this is all over, we will
again be your favorite NZB index site

The NZBs’R’US Staff