NZBsRus Down : Migrating Site to New Servers

Oct. 28, 2011 update – NZBsRus is down but for a much different reason this time around.  According to an NZBsRus twitter post the site owners have received a cease and decease order and are considering their options.  In the meantime the site is offline.  Here’s a list of alternative NZB sites to consider or you can sign up for the Newshosting $9.99 deal which includes the Newshosting Usenet client with built-in search.

We’ve had a few questions from NZBsRus fans trying to figure out what happened to the site.  As the domain is currently down.  Not to fear.  The NZBsRus team is currently migrating to new servers.  We don’t have an ETA for the return of NZBsRus but would anticipate the site to be up soon.  I know last month they had some issues with their host.  Perhaps the current outage and server move is related.

Follow @nzbsrus on Twitter for updates on the current server migration and future outages.  As they are good at tweeting site related information.  We look forward to the quick return of NZBsRus.  If you need another site to get you by until the server migration is complete visit the Usenet search section of NGR.