SABnzbd Releases Version 2.3

SABnzbd continues to refine their popular Usenet browser.  The SABnzbd 2.3 release includes an update to SABYenc and performance improvements on CPU limited devices. Version 2.3 was released a few hours ago.  You can choose whether you want to wait for any bugs to be flushed out.  We’re comfortable with SABnzbd releases and this isn’t a beta or RC.  In this case you can expect fewer bugs since it’s a full release. We haven’t heard of any major issues with the yet. As of Thursday afternoon, SABnzbd 2.3 has been downloaded 2,693 times.  Those who haven’t tried SABnzbd in the past are welcome to grab the latest release from their downloads page or learn more about the project at

SABnzbd 2.3

SABnzbd is one of our favorite newsreaders along with NZBGet, Newshosting client, Newsbin and NewsLeecher.  All of them do a great job at downloading from Usenet.  If your goal is text newsgroups we would suggest Newsbin.  SABnzbd focuses on binary files.  The open-source client runs as a web server on your system.  You can access it through your favorite web browser.  They have versions available for Windows, Mac and Linux.

Since SABnzbd is open-source and has such a large following you will find a number of cool add-ons and services like CouchPotato, Sick Beard, Sonarr and SABMobile for iOS and Android devices.  Check out the SABnzbd forum to learn more about these add-ons and others available for the client.

Here’s a full list of new features and bug fixes in the SABnzbd 2.3 release:

SABYenc updated

  • Improved download performance 10-15% on CPU limited devices by optimizations and by removing redundant article verification.
  • Linux/NAS: Update of SABYenc to version 3.3.1 is required. Update your package or see
  • Windows/macOS: Update is included in the installers.

Changes since 2.2.1

  • Option to limit Servers to specific Categories removed
  • Improved par2 handling and obfuscated files detection
  • Duplicate filenames in NZB’s no longer rejected by default
  • Set custom URL instead of /sabnzbd/ (in Config > Specials)
  • Article-state (which servers are tried) is preserved after restart
  • Auto disconnect (if enabled) only after verification of last item
  • Slight performance improvement when fetching RSS-feeds
  • Job title from RSS-feed is shown for URLs being grabbed
  • URL grabbing can now be individually paused
  • Scheduler can pause/unpause jobs in specific category
  • Series Duplicate Checker can allow PROPER/REAL/REPACK versions
  • Refresh-icon in Glitter when refresh rate is above 2 seconds
  • Different icon for downloads with Force priority
  • Show progress during verification of extra files
  • All dates and times are now time zone independent
  • API: ‘missing’ field removed from ‘queue’, use ‘mbmissing’
  • API: ‘warnings’ method now returns array for better handling
  • macOS: Bundled new OpenSSL version with support for TLSv1.2
  • macOS: No longer linked to system certificate store
  • macOS and Windows: Installers include Mozilla CA certificates

Bugfixes since 2.2.1

  • Reduce CPU usage with multiple servers
  • Fix yet another potential stalling issue
  • Remove Timeout tracebacks
  • Handle locked history database better
  • Only warn if number of actual passwords is larger than 30
  • Unexpected behavior when diskspace becomes critically low
  • Retried jobs would show incorrect download progress
  • Password file was loaded from disk excessively
  • API: Correct listing of downloaded and queued files in ‘get_files’
  • API: Number of bytes missing and downloaded could be slightly off
  • API: Jobs with Force priority should always have status ‘Downloading’
  • MacOS: Direct Unpack could hang in case of special characters in names
  • Windows: Unpack could fail if started instantly after previous one
  • Windows: Download with many par2 sets could get listed as failed

Upgrading from 2.1.x and older

  • Finish queue
  • Stop SABnzbd
  • Install new version
  • Start SABnzbd

Upgrade notices

  • When upgrading from 2.1.0 or older the queue will be converted. Job order, settings and data will be preserved, but all jobs will be unpaused and URL’s that did not finish fetching before the upgrade will be lost.
  • The organization of the download queue is different from 0.7.x releases. This version will not see the 0.7.x queue, but you can restore the jobs by going to Status page and using Queue Repair.

Who said Usenet isn’t popular?  SABnzbd continues to grow and has now passed 9 million downloads.  Having so many popular extensions integrated with the Usenet browser will only help the project continue to grow.  If you have any questions or need help getting started the SABnzbd team has some nice guides.  The forum is also a great place to ask questions and learn about all the custom add-ons.

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NZBGet 19.0 Adds Unpack During Download Feature

The latest version of NZBGet 19.0 was just released over the weekend. You will notice a number of new features and bug fixes. The most notable feature in NZBGet 19.0 will allow you to unpack files while still downloading. It will automatically unpack the files as soon as all the archive parts are completed. It will also let you start watching video files before the download completes. This is sure to be a popular addition for NZBGet. Grab the latest version directly from their website and let us know what you think of the new feature.


Here’s a look at the release notes for NZBGet 19.0:

  • unpack during downloading:
    • downloaded files can now be unpacked as soon as every archive part is downloaded;
    • new option DirectUnpack to activate direct unpacking;
    • direct unpack works even with obfuscated downloads; option DirectRename (see below) must be active for that;
    • option ReorderFiles (see below) should be also active for optimal file download order;
    • direct unpack works for rar-archives; 7-zip archives and simply splitted files are processed by default unpack module;
    • direct unpack obviously works only for healthy download; if download is damaged the direct unpack cancels and the download is unpacked during post-processing stage after files are repaired;
    • direct unpack reduces the time needed to complete download and post-processing;
    • it also allows to start watching of video files during download (requires compatible video player software);
    • see forum topic Unpack during downloading for more info;
  • renaming of obfuscated file names during downloading:
    • correct file names for obfuscated downloads are now determined during download stage (instead of post-processing stage);
    • downloaded files are saved into disk directly with correct names;
    • direct renaming uses par2-files to restore correct file names;
    • new option DirectRename to activate direct renaming;
    • new queue-event NZB_NAMED, sent after the inner files are renamed;
  • automatic reordering of files:
    • inner files within nzb reordered to ensure download of files in archive parts order;
    • the files are reordered when nzb is added to queue;
    • if direct renaming is active (option DirectRename) the files are reordered again after the correct names becomes known;
    • new option ReorderFiles;
    • new command GroupSortFiles in api-method editqueue;
    • new subcommand SF of remote command -E/–edit;
  • new option FileNaming to control how to name obfuscated files (before they get renamed by par-rename, rar-rename or direct-rename);
  • TLS certificate verification:
    • when connecting to a news server (for downloading) or a web server (for fetching of rss feeds and nzb-files) the authenticity of the server is validated using server security certificate. If the check fails that means the connection cannot be trusted and must be closed with an error message explaining the security issue;
    • new options CertCheck and CertStore;
    • official NZBGet packages come with activated certificate check;
    • when updating from an older NZBGet version the option CertCheck will be automatically activated when the settings is saved (switch to Settings page in web-interface and click Save all changed);
    • see Certificate verification for details;
  • authentication via form in web-interface as alternative to HTTP authentication:
    • that must help with password tools having issues with HTTP authentication dialog;
    • new option FormAuth;
  • drop-downs (context menus) for priority, category and status columns:
    • quicker changing of priority and category;
    • easier access to actions via drop-down (context menu) in status column;
  • extensions scripts can now be executed from settings page:
    • script authors define custom buttons;
    • when clicked the script is executed in a special mode and obtain extra parameters;
    • example script extended with button Send test e-mail;
    • for details see Extension scripts;
  • on Windows NZBGet can now associate itself with nzb-files:
    • use option in Windows installer to register NZBGet for nzb-files;
  • unrar shipped within Linux package is now compiled with fallocate option to improve compatibility with media players when watching videos during downloading and unpacking;
  • support for HTTP-header X-Forwarded-For in IP-logging;
  • improvements in RSS feed view in phone mode;
  • set name, password and dupe info when adding via URL by click on a button near URL field in web-interface;
  • backup-badge for items in history similar to downloads tab;
  • show backup icon in history in phone theme;
  • added support for ECC certificates in built-in web-server;
  • save changes before performing actions in history dialog;
  • proper exit code on client command success or failure.
  • added host name to all error messages regarding connection issues;
  • improved continuos integration with Travis CI:
    • added gcc 4.8 to test matrix;
    • installing unrar into test system to allow unit tests requiring unrar;
  • new button Volume Statistics in section News Servers of settings page; shows the same volume data as in global statistics dialog;
  • new option ServerX.Notes for user comments on news servers;
  • new parameters for api-method servervolumes as a performance optimization measure to reduce amount of transferred data;
  • new option to force connection to news servers via ipv4 or ipv6;
  • removed unnecessary requests to news servers;
  • updated unrar to v5.40;
  • clear script execution log before executing script;
  • added support for crash dumps on Windows:
    • renamed option DumpCore to CrashDump;
    • new option CrashTrace to make it possible to disable default printing of call stack in order to produce more relevant crash dumps;
  • fixed: startup scheduler tasks can be executed again;
  • fixed: fatal messages when compiling from sources.
  • fixed: per-nzb download statistics could be wrong if the program was reloaded during downloading.
  • fixed crash which may happen between post-processing steps;
  • fixed: asterix (*) was sometimes passed as parameter to extension scripts (Windows only);
  • fixed potential crash during update via web-interface.

You can read our NZBGet review to learn more about the popular open-source Usenet browser.

NZB360 Returns to Google Play Store

February 21, 2017 update – we’re very excited to share that the latest release of NZB360 is available on Google Play. After three years of being absent from Google Play, Kevin has managed to get NZB360 back in the store. Better yet the latest NZB360 v10 adds support for Radarr. You can download the app free from Google Play and upgrade for $4.99. I encourage anyone who wants to enjoy Usenet access on your Android device to purchase the app. You can read what other Usenet fans have to say about the new app on Reddit.


February 14, 2014 update – Kevin, the developer of NZB360, has been kicking around ideas for distributing and licensing the app outside the Play store.  Unfortunately Google isn’t going to return the app so he is figuring out another distribution method.  Right now it sounds like there will be a base NZB360 app offered free of charge.  With some extra features that you can activate for a fee.  The consensus on Reddit is to offer a one-time fee rather than a subscription model.  It sounds like he might offer both.  The ETA on the app being available is two weeks.  We’ll update you once again when it’s ready.

As of Thursday, February 6th NZB360 is no longer available in the Google Play store.  No explanation is given.  You simply get a “we’re sorry, the requested URL was not found on this server” error message.  We first read about the removal of NZB360 in this sub Reddit forum post.  The developer of the popular Android app confirmed that Google dropped NZB360, apparently without warning and without reason given for the action.

The image above is from the NZB360 page on AppBrain.  According to the site if you have an AppBrain account you can use their installer to directly install the app on your device.  Perhaps that’s another option for the time being.  Assuming AppBrain isn’t just pulling the download from the Google Play store.

Hopefully Google either corrects their mistake or accepts the appeal for NZB360 to return to their store.  If not the developer promises to find a new distribution method.  Given the time and effort spent on making NZB360 arguably the best app of it’s kind for Android users I certainly hope we don’t have to wait long for Google to respond.  If an alternative ends up being necessary we’ll make sure to post the new URL right here.

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Newsbin 6.70 – New Download Engine and More

Quade’s latest efforts are ready for primetime as Newsbin 6.70 is out of beta.  If you haven’t had a chance to test out the new version then I suggest you head over to their site and grab the download.  If you’ve ever purchased a license for Newsbin then you’re in luck since you’re eligible for version 6.70 and all future upgrades.  Those new to Newsbin can download a 15 day free trial.  Simply visit and click on the “Free Trial Key” button.  The free trial includes full access to Newsbin 6.70 and their Usenet search engine.  When the trial ends you can buy a license with lifetime updates for just $20 or subscribe to their search engine and continue to use it free.


Newsbin 6.70 has several new features and we’re especially excited about the new download engine.  You can expect a faster, more reliable experience with the new download engine.  Continue to download while you process files.  Here are just a few of the new features that Newsbin shared in a related forum post.  You can view the change log for a full list of new features and bug fixes in the new version.

  • Rewrite of the download engine for better performance and reliability
  • Now supports downloading during unrar/repair processing
  • Moved spam filtering logic into a .dll file that can be distributed separately with updates instead of requiring a new release
  • Changes to how and when the configuration gets auto-saved. Trying to minimize potential for corruption with unexpected exits.
  • Added ability to apply a filter on Poster (From Field) in a Filter Profile.

It’s great to see the continued efforts in developing new features.  In the last week we’ve covered new releases from Newsbin and SABnzbd.  Both of which add new features to make for a better Usenet experience.  We’re especially excited to see the new download engine in Newsbin and the ability to process files while continuing to download.  Remember to share any feedback you have with their team so they can continue to refine and make the Usenet client even better.  Cheers to the @Newsbin team.  Here’s to a great 2016!

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NewsLeecher Offers Client Software for Free

NewsLeecher announced a few weeks ago that they are changing their business model.  In the past users would pay a monthly fee of $2.99 for access to their client software or $3.99 with SuperSearch.  That’s changing with the release of NewsLeecher v7.0.  The software will be free to download and use.  The NewsLeecher team is hopeful that users will support their efforts by signing up for their Usenet service and SuperSerch feature.  Both are very good services.  If you’re new to NewsLeecher I suggest you download their latest v7.0 beta 8.

NewsLeecher client

Here are the release notes from NewsLeecher v7.0 Beta 8:

*: Optimized and simplified the Repair & Extract code.
!: Fixed bug that would sometimes trigger when leeching incomplete
   articles fetched through SuperSearch.
!: Fixed bug where NewsLeecher would sometimes open files with
   the default text file (*.txt) viewer, even though the files
   were associated with other applications.
!: Fixed bug where queued articles with missing parts, would not
   always finalize downloading if they were imported into the
   queue from NZB files.
!: Fixed bug where Repair & Extract would cancel on-going RAR
   archive extracts, if PAR2 files were added to the Repair &
   Extract view at the same time.
!: The "Show Article Header" feature didn't work in the previous
   betas. Fixed.

Rather than continue with their software subscription model, NewsLeecher is hoping that client users will sign up for their Usenet service.  They offer a pure Usenet account which gives users unlimited newsgroup access for $9.49 a month.  They also offer a Ready to Go plan that includes unlimited access to their SuperSearch and SuperLeeche services.  That plan costs $11.99 a month after an introductory three month period of $8.49 a month.   That keeps NewsLeecher priced in the same range as leading providers.

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Newsbin 6.60 Supports Usenet Automation Tools

Fans of popular NZB automation tools like CouchPotato, SickBeard, SickRage, and Sonaar will want to check out the latest Newsbin 6.60 release.  The Newsbin team has added support for all the Usenet automation tools in the new version of their newsreader.  As always registered users have full access to all new and beta versions.  You can visit the Nesbin download page to grab the new version 6.60 release.

Newsbin 6.60

Newsbin Pro 6.60 includes the following new features:

  • New Watch list interface.
  • Watch Lists can now be configured to make use of our Usenet Index through the Usenet Search interface. Requires a subscription to our Internet Search service.
  • All SSL connections are now TLS 1.0 instead of SSLv3. Drops back to SSL if the news server doesn’t support TLS
  • Now supports SickBeard/SickRage and Sonarr. Go under the Options menu and look for “Remote NZB Source Settings”.
  • Improved AutoPAR functionality, better repair capabilities.
    • A second retry will trigger a PAR to download to keep things going.
    • If 98% of files have downloaded, and PAR2 files exist, the first retry will trigger assembly.
    • If Newsbin retries with less than 98% of files already downloaded, it will continue retrying until 90% of files are downloaded.
  • Simplified Filter Configuration Screen.
  • Download List and Files List now perform a paged loading. It does not load the entire list from the DB, only what is needed to display.

Newsbin users can download version 6.60 from their downloads page. All full releases and betas are free of charge for users with a software license.  New users can download a 15 day free trial to test the client.

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Newshosting Newsreader Update

One of our favorite Usenet clients just got even better.  Newshosting released a new version of their popular newsreader.  It includes some nice new features along with bug fixes.  Members can download the latest version from the control panel.  The software will auto update so if you already have the client installed you’re all set.  Newshosting offers unlimited Usenet and full access to their newsreader for $9.99 a month or $99 a year.

Newshosting Newsreader

Here’s a quick look at the new features and bug fixes:

New Features and Improvements

  • Import of multiple NZBs, extracts them from ZIP or RAR files if necessary.
  • Improved implementation of PAR2. It’s a bit faster and fixes a few smaller bugs that could affect larger downloads on Windows 64bit.
  • New queue storage mechanism which improves performance for large queues.
  • Full support for Retina displays on OS X as well as DPI scaling on Windows 8 and 10 for Ultra HD displays.
  • Automatic VLC player installation from within the software, also on OS X now.
  • Upgraded to latest version of UnRAR.
  • Lots of smaller bug fixes and improvements (typos, formatting etc.)

That’s just the latest in a long list of features for the newsreader.  You can use the client to search for content, preview and download.  It takes care of everything including UnRAR and processing PAR2 files.  We’re especially fond of he automatic search and dynamic PAR download features.  If you’re new to Newshosting and would like to test out the client they offer a 14 day free trial with up to 30 GB of downloads.  That’s more than enough to test the service and software.  Newshosting offers over 2,490 days of binary retention along with 30 SSL connections.  Connect to servers in the United States or Europe for the best download speeds.

NewsLeecher v7.0 Beta 7 Release

Earlier this month NewsLeecher rolled out a new beta.  They released version 7.0 Beta 7.  It’s great to see new features being added to popular newsreaders like NewsLeecher, Newsbin Pro, and Newshosting’s Usenet client.  NewsLeecher subscribers can download the latest beta on their site.  Those new to the client can download a 14 day free trial.  Visit to download the latest v7.0 beta 7 release.


Here are the release notes from NL v7.0 Beta 7:

#: This version of NewsLeecher uses an improved file cache format,
so it is recommended to backup NewsLeecher settings / data
before installing, in case a downgrade to an earlier release of
NewsLeecher is wanted later on.
NewsLeecher will automatically upgrade existing cache files
to the new format when loading groups, download queue, etc.
+: Full Unicode support. Articles containing UTF-8 encoded
subjects / poster names are now correctly displayed in
NewsLeecher. This mostly affect articles originating from
Asian countries. ( If parts of NewsLeecher are still found
to be non-compliant with Unicode, please let us know )
+: Selected files in the download queue, can now be moved up /
down of the queue, using the keyboard shortcuts Alt+Up and
+: Selected files in the download queue, can now be moved to top /
bottom of the queue, using the keyboard shortcuts Alt+Shift+Up
and Alt+Shift+Down.
+: The ‘expanded’ states for sets in the Repair & Extract listview
are now saved between sessions.
*: An increasing number of article subjects exceed the previously
set maximum length in NewsLeecher of 250 bytes. Mostly due to
Unicode encoding. The maximum length has been bumped and is now
much higher.
*: The download queue ( together with other NewsLeecher settings )
is now automatically backed up once every 15 minutes.
*: Many smaller improvements ( listview hints are not cut-off
anymore, speed optimized drawing routines, up-to-date SSL
libraries, etc. )
*: Further improved the performance of the NewsLeecher download
queue loading and saving code.
!: Fixed bug that sometimes triggered an exception when adding
lots of PAR2 files to the Repair & Extract listview as the
same time.
!: Fixed bug where NewsLeecher would trigger a bug when updating
groups, if two unassociated articles shared the same CRC value.
!: Many smaller bugfixes ( “Explorer” listview font bug fixed,
etc. )

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Newsbin Adds SickBeard Support

I’m always excited to hear from our friends at Newsbin.  They’ve been adding new features and refining the Newsbin Pro Usenet client for as long as I can remember.  Without any major gaps in development.  The latest Newsbin 6.60 beta release adds support for SickBeard.  That’s great news as Newsbin Pro now integrates with SickBeard.  If you haven’t had a chance to try the client I highly recommend you download the latest beta.  New users can test Newsbin free for 10 days.  You can purchase a lifetime key with free upgrades for just $20 or pick up a year of Newsbin’s Usenet search for $30 and get a free key for the software.  The search is very convenient.

Newsbin Pro

In addition to the current support for SickBeard the Newsbin team is working on integration for SickRage and CouchPotato.  It sounds like the current beta may already support SickRage.  In a Usenet world where speed is key it’s great to see Newsbin integrating with the popular sites.  As always we look forward to seeing what the Newsbin team has in store for future releases.  You can be sure that we’ll share the latest updates.

Here’s a list of new features in the Newsbin 6.60 beta:

    • All SSL connections are now TLS 1.0 instead of SSLv3. Drops back to SSL if the news server doesn’t support TLS
    • Now supports SickBeard/SickRage. Go under the Options menu and look for “SickBeard Integration”.
      Instructions are in the Newsbin Forums
    • New Watch list interface.
    • Simplified Filter Configuration Screen.
    • Download List and Files List now perform a paged loading. It does not load the entire list from the DB, only what is needed to display.
    • Improved AutoPAR functionality, better repair capabilities.
      – A second retry will trigger a PAR to download to keep things going.
      – If 98% of files have downloaded, and PAR2 files exist, the first retry will trigger assembly.
      – If Newsbin retries with less than 98% of files already downloaded, it will continue retrying until 90% of files are downloaded.

New users can download a free 10 day trial of the latest Newsbin Pro release from their site.  Customers receive free upgrades for life.  I really enjoy trying out the new beta releases.  If you use SickBeard or even if you don’t yet I suggest you download the latest Newsbin 6.60 beta and give it a try.  Let us know what you think.  As always you can follow us @NewsgroupRevs for the latest Usenet news and deals.

Final Version of Unison is Free

The title could have just as easily read “Panic stops development of Unison” but the Panic team was nice enough to release one more version and make it free to download.  Unison 2.2 is a nice Usenet client for Mac.  It includes the most requested feature which is multi-connection downloads.  You can download the latest 2.2 version from the Unison site.  The software is automatically unlocked and does not require a serial number.

Unison message

Here’s a copy of the message the Panic team posted to their blog on November 6th:

Unison — our excellent OS X app for accessing Usenet Newsgroups and the many wonders and mysteries contained within — has reached the end of its road after years of faithful service.

First, a brand-new Unison 2.2.

Unison’s end is bittersweet. The market for a Usenet client in 2014 isn’t exactly huge. But if you know Panic,  you know we do our very best to never drop things awkwardly — we like to leave our apps in a good place for our (very) valued users.

So we’re excited to release a nice, final update to Unison.

Unison 2.2 adds the #1 feature request for Unison: multi-connection downloads for much faster transfers. It also adds a lot more Retina assets for more beautiful browsing on newer machines, and fixes many little bugs and quirks.

It’s a great update for all Unison fans.

Now free, and unsupported.

While we can no longer work on Unison or offer support for it, the good news is it’s also free. This version of the app will be automatically unlocked for all users, no serial needed.

Just download it right there:

Download Unison 2.2 Now

Unison (10 MB)

(If you recently bought Unison from us directly in the last month, please e-mail us and we’ll prepare a refund.)

What about Unison Access?

For now, Unison Access will continue to work just as it does today for all current subscribers. That said, we’re no longer accepting new signups. We figure we’ll migrate people to another service at some point in the future. If that happens, we’ll contact you by e-mail.

Thank you sincerely.

Our deepest thanks to each and every one of  you who used, bought, or enjoyed Unison. We really enjoyed making this app and providing it to you. We hope it serves you well into the future!

A big thanks to the Panic team for releasing a new version of Unison and making it free for everyone to enjoy.  We hate to see them discontinue development of Unison but certainly appreciate their efforts over the years.  Panic has some other cool Mac and iOS apps that are definitely worth checking out.

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