Backdoor Access to via Hidden URL

November 17th update:  Access to the site is completely down now.  No response via the home page or other URL’s.  It looks like Newzleech is gone for good.

Yesterday we discussed how the site was down and gave readers some Newzleech alternatives.  A few minutes ago we got an anonymous tip that Newzleech is accessible again via a backdoor page.

We have no idea whether or not the hidden URL is intentional or simply left over from previous testing.  Either way if you would like to access Newzleech for now you can do so using this address:

Please take caution when accessing Newzleech via this link.  The search engine UI and results appear to be valid but you never know since we’re still not sure why the Newzleech home page reads – Newzleech is no more. Down : Newzleech is No More

We had a surprise this morning.  One of those you wish you didn’t get.  Visiting displayed a short message:

Newzleech is no more 🙁

Newzleech was a popular Usenet search engine with free access to over 600 days of binaries and a simply interface for finding and downloading NZB files.  While there are solid alternatives we will miss Newzleech and wish the site creators the best of luck in future endeavors.  We have no idea why the site shut down but it appears sudden as no one we talked to knew anything was coming.

For those who are looking for Newzleech alternatives you might consider these sites: Binsearch,, NGIndex, NZBsRus and NZBIndex.  For more options visit our Usenet search section and compare NZB sites.

Favorite Usenet Provider, Newsreader, Search Engine

A month ago we launched a few polls so visitors could vote for their favorite Usenet provider, newsreader and Usenet search engine.  The Usenet provider and newsreader polls were very close with no clear winner.  Nzbmatrix won big in the Usenet search poll.  Here is a breakdown of the most popular in each category.

Favorite Usenet Provider Poll Results:
Astraweb received 28% of the votes
Giganews received 24% of the votes
NewsDemon received 23% of the votes

Favorite Newsreader Poll Results:
Newsleecher received 17% of the votes
Alt.Binz received 17% of the votes
SABnzbd received 14% of the votes
GrabIt received 13% of the votes
Forte Agent received 12% of the votes
NewsBin Pro received 10% of the votes

Favorite Usenet Search Poll Results:
Nzbmatrix received 37% of the votes
Binsearch received 11% of the votes
Newzbin received 9% of the votes
Newzleech received 9% of the votes

Congratulations to the winners.  If your favorite service, software or search site missed the cut this time around stay tuned as we’ll be bringing more polls and interactive features to NewsgroupReviews in the near future.