Usenet Automation Tools

As Usenet continues to evolve a number of developers are working on projects to automate the process of finding and downloading content from newsgroups.  The thought of piecing together all the tools needed for the perfect setup can be daunting.  We’ve kept an eye on a number of automation tools over time and would like to share some of the most popular choices.  The tools are free to use.  All you need is reliable Usenet access.

Usenet automation

There are two ways to automate your Usenet experience.

Premium Clients with Auto-Search Features

The first method of automating your Usenet downloads involves using one of the popular premium Usenet clients on the market.  If you’ve been around newsgroups for awhile you’re probably familiar with Newshosting.  They run a great Usenet service and also provide client software with auto-searh to their users as part of their membership.  You can enjoy automated search and unlimited Usenet access for just $9.99 a month.

A second option is NewsLeecher with their SuperSearch engine and SuperLeech feature.  Try saying that line ten times fast.  With the combination of SuperSearch and SuperLeech you can also find content fast and automate your search queries.  NewsLeecher offers the client and premium features along with unlimited Usenet access for $11.99 a month.  They also offer the client without Usenet access for $3.99 a month.

We’re also quite fond of Newsbin Pro.  With the Newsbin client you can add their Internet (Usenet) Search service.  Then make use of their watch to help you find and download content faster.  Newsbin doesn’t offer Usenet service.  You’ll need to get that elsewhere.  The best deal for new customers is definitely their year of search + license for $30.  That gives you full access to the client and all future updates including betas.

Free Open-Source Client with Add-Ons

If you’ve been anxiously waiting for us to mention some free options for automating your Usenet downloads then you’ll like this section.  Not to confuse anyone though.  You’ll still need a Usenet provider to connect and download content from newsgroups.  From there you will want to grab SABnzbd.  The client is compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux.  You can visit to learn more and grab the latest release.

SABnzbd will run through your web browser.  The client is very popular.  With over 6.75 million downloads.  Given their mass appeal, a number of developers have written add-ons and services to work along with SABnzbd.  You can visit their forum to learn more about the various add-ons.  You’ll find help connecting with mobile devices along with other programs and scripts to make the most of the open-source client.

When it comes to Usenet automation tools for SABnzbd there are a few that stand out.  We suggest you check out Sick Beard, Couch Potato and Headphones.  All three apps are free.  You just need to configure them to work with a compatible Usenet search engine along with SABnzbd.  You’ll find help on the sites along with a helpful community on the SABnzbd forum.  From there you can tweak things to best meet your needs.