Newsbin Adds SickBeard Support

I’m always excited to hear from our friends at Newsbin.  They’ve been adding new features and refining the Newsbin Pro Usenet client for as long as I can remember.  Without any major gaps in development.  The latest Newsbin 6.60 beta release adds support for SickBeard.  That’s great news as Newsbin Pro now integrates with SickBeard.  If you haven’t had a chance to try the client I highly recommend you download the latest beta.  New users can test Newsbin free for 10 days.  You can purchase a lifetime key with free upgrades for just $20 or pick up a year of Newsbin’s Usenet search for $30 and get a free key for the software.  The search is very convenient.

Newsbin Pro

In addition to the current support for SickBeard the Newsbin team is working on integration for SickRage and CouchPotato.  It sounds like the current beta may already support SickRage.  In a Usenet world where speed is key it’s great to see Newsbin integrating with the popular sites.  As always we look forward to seeing what the Newsbin team has in store for future releases.  You can be sure that we’ll share the latest updates.

Here’s a list of new features in the Newsbin 6.60 beta:

    • All SSL connections are now TLS 1.0 instead of SSLv3. Drops back to SSL if the news server doesn’t support TLS
    • Now supports SickBeard/SickRage. Go under the Options menu and look for “SickBeard Integration”.
      Instructions are in the Newsbin Forums
    • New Watch list interface.
    • Simplified Filter Configuration Screen.
    • Download List and Files List now perform a paged loading. It does not load the entire list from the DB, only what is needed to display.
    • Improved AutoPAR functionality, better repair capabilities.
      – A second retry will trigger a PAR to download to keep things going.
      – If 98% of files have downloaded, and PAR2 files exist, the first retry will trigger assembly.
      – If Newsbin retries with less than 98% of files already downloaded, it will continue retrying until 90% of files are downloaded.

New users can download a free 10 day trial of the latest Newsbin Pro release from their site.  Customers receive free upgrades for life.  I really enjoy trying out the new beta releases.  If you use SickBeard or even if you don’t yet I suggest you download the latest Newsbin 6.60 beta and give it a try.  Let us know what you think.  As always you can follow us @NewsgroupRevs for the latest Usenet news and deals.