NewsLeecher Offers Client Software for Free

NewsLeecher announced a few weeks ago that they are changing their business model.  In the past users would pay a monthly fee of $2.99 for access to their client software or $3.99 with SuperSearch.  That’s changing with the release of NewsLeecher v7.0.  The software will be free to download and use.  The NewsLeecher team is hopeful that users will support their efforts by signing up for their Usenet service and SuperSerch feature.  Both are very good services.  If you’re new to NewsLeecher I suggest you download their latest v7.0 beta 8.

NewsLeecher client

Here are the release notes from NewsLeecher v7.0 Beta 8:

*: Optimized and simplified the Repair & Extract code.
!: Fixed bug that would sometimes trigger when leeching incomplete
   articles fetched through SuperSearch.
!: Fixed bug where NewsLeecher would sometimes open files with
   the default text file (*.txt) viewer, even though the files
   were associated with other applications.
!: Fixed bug where queued articles with missing parts, would not
   always finalize downloading if they were imported into the
   queue from NZB files.
!: Fixed bug where Repair & Extract would cancel on-going RAR
   archive extracts, if PAR2 files were added to the Repair &
   Extract view at the same time.
!: The "Show Article Header" feature didn't work in the previous
   betas. Fixed.

Rather than continue with their software subscription model, NewsLeecher is hoping that client users will sign up for their Usenet service.  They offer a pure Usenet account which gives users unlimited newsgroup access for $9.49 a month.  They also offer a Ready to Go plan that includes unlimited access to their SuperSearch and SuperLeeche services.  That plan costs $11.99 a month after an introductory three month period of $8.49 a month.   That keeps NewsLeecher priced in the same range as leading providers.

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