NewsLeecher v7.0 Beta 7 Release

Earlier this month NewsLeecher rolled out a new beta.  They released version 7.0 Beta 7.  It’s great to see new features being added to popular newsreaders like NewsLeecher, Newsbin Pro, and Newshosting’s Usenet client.  NewsLeecher subscribers can download the latest beta on their site.  Those new to the client can download a 14 day free trial.  Visit to download the latest v7.0 beta 7 release.


Here are the release notes from NL v7.0 Beta 7:

#: This version of NewsLeecher uses an improved file cache format,
so it is recommended to backup NewsLeecher settings / data
before installing, in case a downgrade to an earlier release of
NewsLeecher is wanted later on.
NewsLeecher will automatically upgrade existing cache files
to the new format when loading groups, download queue, etc.
+: Full Unicode support. Articles containing UTF-8 encoded
subjects / poster names are now correctly displayed in
NewsLeecher. This mostly affect articles originating from
Asian countries. ( If parts of NewsLeecher are still found
to be non-compliant with Unicode, please let us know )
+: Selected files in the download queue, can now be moved up /
down of the queue, using the keyboard shortcuts Alt+Up and
+: Selected files in the download queue, can now be moved to top /
bottom of the queue, using the keyboard shortcuts Alt+Shift+Up
and Alt+Shift+Down.
+: The ‘expanded’ states for sets in the Repair & Extract listview
are now saved between sessions.
*: An increasing number of article subjects exceed the previously
set maximum length in NewsLeecher of 250 bytes. Mostly due to
Unicode encoding. The maximum length has been bumped and is now
much higher.
*: The download queue ( together with other NewsLeecher settings )
is now automatically backed up once every 15 minutes.
*: Many smaller improvements ( listview hints are not cut-off
anymore, speed optimized drawing routines, up-to-date SSL
libraries, etc. )
*: Further improved the performance of the NewsLeecher download
queue loading and saving code.
!: Fixed bug that sometimes triggered an exception when adding
lots of PAR2 files to the Repair & Extract listview as the
same time.
!: Fixed bug where NewsLeecher would trigger a bug when updating
groups, if two unassociated articles shared the same CRC value.
!: Many smaller bugfixes ( “Explorer” listview font bug fixed,
etc. )

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