NZBVortex 2.9.1 Mac Usenet Client

NZBVortex recently released a new version of their popular Mac Usenet Client.  NZBVortex version 2.9.0 included a number of new features along with bug fixes.  The minor 2.9.1 release fixes a couple issues.  You can get a free version of NZBVortex with some limitations or buy a license for $19.99 from the Mac App Store to open up all the bells and whistles.  Including advanced post processing and support for multiple news servers.

NZBVortex 2.9.1

Here’s a full list of NZBVortex 2.9 and 2.9.1 features from the NZBVortex site:

  • Bbinsearch and nzbX search engine and support a new filename format.
  • “Ask for Download Location” not working for Search and RSS
  • Support more obfuscated filename schemes
  • Nicely animated and striped Progressbar
  • Improve Speed graph – wider and fill color
  • Support new hashed NZB filename or in-NZB files
  • Binsearch support – result scraper
  • Add search engine
  • Ability to specify decompress password during enqueueing
  • Support more tv show number schemes
  • RSS feeds: Watch name in bold if updates available
  • Update Growl framework to 2.0.1
  • Improve incomplete nzb file detection
  • Support badly numbered HJSplit split sets
  • “Pause Junk” pauses too small or no start archive AND (new) also rar-in-rar and hint files
  • Combine search results adds to top of queue
  • Whitelist IP for network API / WebUI
  • Quicker NZB parser
  • DirectNZB http headers for add NZB via URL
  • NetworkAPI: Ability to specify group during add of NZB
  • Improve password detection by distincting between real password

NZBVortex is a fine choice for those downloading Usenet content to Mac. You can visit their site to download a trial copy or purchase a license.  With two releases this year, development of the client is quite active.

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