NZBVortex 2.5 Simplifies Adding RSS Feeds

On November 2nd NZBVortex released the latest version of their popular Mac Usenet Client.  NZBVortex version 2.5 has a number of tweaks along with better support for French Canadian renamed file uploads.  In addition to a cool new search screen for adding RSS feeds.  You can purchase a license for $19.95 to open up all the bells and whistles including advanced post processing and support for multiple news servers.

Here’s a full list of NZBVortex 2.5 features taken directly from the NZBVortex site:

  • Support the French/Canadian renamed file uploads and improve other funcky nzbs
  • Better support misnamed files during par2 phase
  • Introduce a “configure sleep” balloon while clicking the Zzz button
  • Show a balloon for the hard to find (seems) sleep and speed limit buttons
  • Lion resume fullscreen wrong screen dimensions.
  • Add a low CPU priority mode option for postprocessing
  • Press SPACE to pause/resume marked downloads.
  • “Reset Monthly server volume” doesn’t work when “volume limit warning” is disabled
  • Server traffic reset button doesn’t update UI right away
  • A reminder on launch that speed limit is use
  • Show “speed limit” balloon above speed limit mode button when pressed
  • Detect “wake up computer” timeout – make it little more snappy
  • Application fade in animation glitch
  • Button to add search query as RSS watch
  • Merging nzb with another already imported paused nzb should not start download.
  • Wildcard support rss / group matching / cleanup (regex using slash)
  • Right click -> make this nzb the next to download
  • Delete to trash with “Yes and Delete Files” or at least make it optional.
  • Episodes watch values not saved following power cut
  • Move out all other stuff from ProcessSpeed thread
  • Rename files if the nzb contains other filenames compared to the par2 set content
  • Drop NZB after itself (blue line bottom of itself) moves moves below the next NZB
  • Franticly clicking SSL checkbox might cause a crash during test server settings (NSThread)

If you’re a Mac fan and haven’t had a chance to check out NZBVortex newsreader yet then visit their site and download a trial copy.  The client is very intuitive and easy to use.  It definitely has a nice Mac feel to it.

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