NZBVortex 2.7.1 Mac Usenet Client Release

NZBVortex recently released a new version of their popular Mac Usenet Client.  NZBVortex version 2.7.1 includes a number of new features along with bug fixes.  You have the option of downloading a free version of NZBVortex with some limitations or you can purchase a license for $19.99 from the Mac App Store to open up all the bells and whistles.  Including advanced post processing and support for multiple news servers.

Here’s a full list of NZBVortex 2.7.1 features taken directly from the NZBVortex site:

  • Fixed in 2.7.1: A potential crash while downloading a zip in watch folder
  • Rare crash during adding of a NZB after a damaged NZB (gerteunis) – resolved.
  • Implemented a NFO preview popup for search results (gerteunis) – resolved.
  • Dont offer to move app to applications in sandbox mode (gerteunis) – resolved.
  • Make MAS sandbox compatible on Mac App Store
  • Use a semi private API to detect if an file is in use (gerteunis) – resolved.
  • “?” Matching in filtering etc should match exactly one character (gerteunis) – resolved.
  • Cleanup rss view and make it easier to understand (gerteunis) – resolved.
  • Delete files from parse queue when they don’t contain an nzb start tag (gerteunis) – resolved.
  • “Auto remove finished nzbs” prevents queue completed notify & sleep (gerteunis) – resolved.
  • Show NFO links back in search results (gerteunis) – resolved.
  • Show files + PAR2 file count in main search results (gerteunis) – resolved.
  • Rebuild state file when SQLite open fails (gerteunis) – resolved.
  • Remove temporary entitlement and use secure bookmarks (gerteunis) – resolved.
  • Failed download counts as paused and finished at the same time (queue status) (gerteunis) – resolved.
  • Blacklist path finder for open file check (gerteunis) – resolved.
  • Pause nzbs containing uuencoded articles (gerteunis) – resolved.
  • Add “maxsize=” to the SD RSS feed created with “Save As RSS” button (gerteunis) – resolved.
  • Option to disable growl notifications (gerteunis) – resolved.
  • Very sporadic crash while deleting a finished download (thanks Winston Smith) (gerteunis) – resolved.
  • Double add of same nzb still posible sometimes (gerteunis) – closed.
  • Only SHA1 check NZB files in parse queue (gerteunis) – closed.

If you enjoy downloading from Usenet via Mac then definitely check out NZBVortex. Visit their site and download a trial copy or buy a license.  NZBVortex continues to evolve into one of the very best Mac clients on the market.

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