NZBVortex Mac Newsreader Version 1.6.1 Released

NZBVortex has made it’s mark this year.  Joining the likes of Unison, SABnzbd and Hogwasher among the best Mac newsreaders in the market.  Earlier this week they released version 1.6.1 and continue to actively develop the Usenet browser.

Here are the NZBVortex 1.6.1 release notes:

New in this release: Usenet Search, Queue Filter bar and introduce advanced manual repair options.

List of the biggest changes:

  • Fixed in 1.6.1: Fixed launch issue of specific rss feeds
  • Performance tuning of large file lists
  • Introduced “Download all par2 files”
  • Introduced “Add PAR2s from NZB…”
  • Introduced “Download all par2 files of…”
  • Move to completed fails during sleep/wake (wifi not available)
  • Make search history available in the top right corner search field
  • Make (hidden) pref for Shutdown instead of sleep
  • Rar postprocessing cleanup for Rxx, Sxx, Txx and Uxx
  • Small pixel tweaks in RSS view
  • Add “Search for NZB” using a public nzb index site
  • Prevent never-ending file save on fast connections (memory eater)
  • Delete state file if it’s damaged on start of app
  • Warn for app slim functions when app is damaged
  • Add “Add par2 files from..” to NZB context menu to add all par2s from another NZB
  • Continue download of target folder already exists AND filename is there
  • Unable to import NZB with same name from same location
  • Graphic glitches and interface freezing when switching view mode fast over and over
  • Make KB/s MB/s and GB/s work better for Dock icon as well
  • Only update filelist when selecting a NZB when the filelist is visible
  • Time to completion incorrect
  • And lots of other smaller changes

Read our NZBVortex review to learn more or download the latest version and enjoy!