NZBVortex Version 0.7.0 Released for Mac OSX

For those who haven’t tried NZBVortex here is your chance.  The NZB Usenet downloader was first released on February 12th and has been updated several times since including the latest release – 0.7.0 on April 30th.

NZBVortex supports Mac OSX version 10.5.0 and later.  There are very few Mac newsreaders on the market (SABnzbd, Unison, Hogwasher, Hellanzb) so having another join the group is a nice addition.  NZBVortex offers a free version and a full featured version for $9 which includes support.

Here is the 0.7.0 release information from the NZBVortex site:

Version 0.7.0 released – April 30th, 2010

This version adds support for accented characters in filenames, Cleanup files after download, supports moving the completed files to another location (temp/complete folders) and the option for you to manually start postprocessing of downloads.

This release has a lot of other fixes and tweaks mainly for low occurance issues.

Thanks go out to Povilas Griskevicius and Mamahuhu for their thorough tests!

Other new features:

  • Make post processing optional/delayable
  • Ability to move completed downloads to another location
  • After completion cleanup: Make configurable which file types to auto cleanup
  • Incorrect parsing of yenc message with ‘special character’ filenames
  • Cleanup filenames in NZB’s which contain set numbers in the filename ” (1/79)”
  • One-article files use crc32 field instead of pcrc32
  • Make NZB parse routine more robuust to it will not add nzb’s twice or download in same folder
  • Article state repair after restart was causing downloading of skipped files
  • During prefs save: only reset current connections if connection prefs are changed
  • Save invalid yenc message to file in “Application support” folder
  • Gather anonymous system info during Sparkle update
  • Sleep button doesn’t work if there are paused download in the listing
  • NZB waiting in “saving/downloading” state after “Need additional blocks: .. 1..”
  • NZB download folder should not end in .nzb even when cleanup falls back to default
  • ‘Support’ filenames with an forward slash in it
  • Extra cleanup expressions
  • When reverting state of FileArticle to FileArticleStateWaiting also update File and NZBstate
  • Make sure a 0 bytes file will be saved if all articles are bad
  • Filename cleanup should accept accented chars
  • Increase max number of concurrent connections
  • Change button for Download location and NZB watch folder broke on 10.5
  • Incorrect display of total and nzb file size on large files

Read our NZBVortex profile to learn more about the newsreader.