UseNetServer $10 Unlimited Usenet + 910 Days Retention

UseNetServer continues to innovate their very popular newsgroup service.  The latest effort being an increase to 910 days of binary retention with 99% completion through the full 910 days.  UNS started the year at 760 days.  Meaning they now offer another 150 days of binary retention at the same great price.  Offering their Hgih-Speed Plus NGR special – unlimited Usenet downloads + SSL + free Usenet search for $10/mo. and $95/yr.

Binary retention continues to be very important for those considering Usenet access or comparing providers.  At 910 days and growing fast we wouldn’t be surprised to see UNS take the lead in the months to come.  Just as important is the quality of their retention.  Seeing services like UseNetServer offering 99% completion and full speeds through the oldest days of retention is very exciting.  Contrary to what some might think you no longer have to sacrifice quality for value.  As UseNetServer is setting the mark pretty high.

Read our UseNetServer review to learn more about the service.  New members can sign up for $10 High-Speed Plus access and start downloading in minutes.  If you need help getting started in Usenet visit our Usenet client and Usenet search section of NGR.  You’ll find a number of free and premium options along with helpful tips and guides to help you get started.