NewsLeecher Version 5 Beta 16

NewsLeecher released version 5.0 beta 16 of their client.  The latest version takes care of a Windows 8 install issue along with some new options and bug fixes.  NewsLeecher subscribers can download the latest version directly from  While those new to the Usenet client can download a free trial.  The NewsLeecher team is also working on a new website along with some other surprises so stay tuned.

Let’s take a look at the changes in NewsLeecher version 5.0 beta 16:

+: This release should be 100% compatible with Windows 8. If you
   still experience Windows 8 related problems with this
   beta version, please report it to the NewsLeecher support team.
+: For peformance reasons, an option to turn off screen logging
   when the crossposter filter is triggered during a group update,
   has been added. The option can be accessed from:
   Setup -> Group Browsing -> Filters : Crosspost
*: Improved file handling to better prevent NewsLeecher settings
   files corruptions.
!: Fixed bug "kdjakldja". Bug was triggered by turning off the
   SuperSearch result highlight setting.

Remember if you install a clean version of Windows 8 or upgrade to download NewsLeecher v5 beta 16.  Otherwise you’ll get an error during the install.  The latest version of NL is fully compatible with Windows 8.

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NewsLeecher Install on Windows 8

We recently tested a number of newsreaders to see which were functional and worked best with Windows 8.  You can read our Windows 8 Usenet clients post for more details.  While testing NewsLeecher we noticed a message on their site in reference to some installation issues on the new Microsoft operating system.  For now Windows 8 users will want to install the latest NewsLeecher 5.0 beta rather than version 4.0 final.

Here’s the October 27th update from

As many of you have noticed the installer for NewsLeecher V4.0 Final, does not under Windows 8. We are working on getting a new Windows 8 compatible final release out, but in the meantime, we recommend that you use the latest beta release available on the NewsLeecher website, if you plan on using NewsLeecher under Windows 8.

We’re currently running NewsLeecher 5.0 beta 15 on Windows 8 without any problems.

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Windows 8 Compatible Usenet Clients

Microsoft officially released Windows 8 to the masses on October 26th.  Since then we’ve received inquiries as to which Usenet clients are compatible with the new operating system.  To answer the question we upgraded a Windows 7 box to Windows 8 and tested some of our favorite newsreaders.  Let’s take a look at a few newsgroup readers that passed the test.  Along with the version numbers that support windows 8.

We’ll try some more clients soon but for now we tested the Newshosting client, Newsbin Pro and NewsLeecher.

Newshosting Usenet Client

We tested the Newshosting client first since they pushed an update in July that was compatible with the dev release of Windows 8 as well as Mac OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion.  We still wanted to make sure the software could handle the final Windows release and it did.  Members can download version 1.3.2 of the client directly from the Newshosting site.  Those new to the service can enjoy unlimited Usenet for just $9.99 a month or $99 a year.

Newsbin Pro

We had a friend running Newsbin Pro on an earlier release of Windows so we didn’t expect any issues nor did we have any.  We ran the latest version of the client which is Newsbin 6.40.  It was just released at the beginning of October and worked just fine in our testing under Windows 8.  Those who have a license can download version 6.40 free from the Newsbin site.  Others can visit their site to download a 10 day free trial.


Next up on our list of newsreaders to test was NewsLeecher.  We fired up the latest beta release which is NL version 5.0 beta 15.  Everything seemed to work just fine under Windows 8 including the SuperSearch feature.  With that said we understand there’s an install issue with the NewsLeecher version 4.0 final release.  So if you plan to run NL under Windows 8 then you’ll want to do so with the v 5.0 beta 15 release.

We look forward to also testing SABnzbd, Binreader and GrabIt with windows 8 in the near future.

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