NewsLeecher Version 5 Beta 16

NewsLeecher released version 5.0 beta 16 of their client.  The latest version takes care of a Windows 8 install issue along with some new options and bug fixes.  NewsLeecher subscribers can download the latest version directly from  While those new to the Usenet client can download a free trial.  The NewsLeecher team is also working on a new website along with some other surprises so stay tuned.

Let’s take a look at the changes in NewsLeecher version 5.0 beta 16:

+: This release should be 100% compatible with Windows 8. If you
   still experience Windows 8 related problems with this
   beta version, please report it to the NewsLeecher support team.
+: For peformance reasons, an option to turn off screen logging
   when the crossposter filter is triggered during a group update,
   has been added. The option can be accessed from:
   Setup -> Group Browsing -> Filters : Crosspost
*: Improved file handling to better prevent NewsLeecher settings
   files corruptions.
!: Fixed bug "kdjakldja". Bug was triggered by turning off the
   SuperSearch result highlight setting.

Remember if you install a clean version of Windows 8 or upgrade to download NewsLeecher v5 beta 16.  Otherwise you’ll get an error during the install.  The latest version of NL is fully compatible with Windows 8.

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