NewsLeecher Install on Windows 8

We recently tested a number of newsreaders to see which were functional and worked best with Windows 8.  You can read our Windows 8 Usenet clients post for more details.  While testing NewsLeecher we noticed a message on their site in reference to some installation issues on the new Microsoft operating system.  For now Windows 8 users will want to install the latest NewsLeecher 5.0 beta rather than version 4.0 final.

Here’s the October 27th update from

As many of you have noticed the installer for NewsLeecher V4.0 Final, does not under Windows 8. We are working on getting a new Windows 8 compatible final release out, but in the meantime, we recommend that you use the latest beta release available on the NewsLeecher website, if you plan on using NewsLeecher under Windows 8.

We’re currently running NewsLeecher 5.0 beta 15 on Windows 8 without any problems.

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