IPVanish Launches Global VPN Network

Those seeking to protect their online privacy should check out the public launch of IPVanish.  A number of Easynews members had the opportunity to test the new VPN service during it’s beta and we joined in as well.  IPVanish blends a mix of the best VPN offerings with the performance and reliability you’ve come to expect from a leading provider.  All at a great price.  New members enjoy unlimited VPN access for just $10 a month.

IPVanish launches with an impressive mix of features.  Starting with the VPN network itself.  IPVanish covers 14 countries with servers located in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Germany, Sweden, Austria, Denmark, Netherlands, Japan, Hungary, Turkey, Switzerland, Portugal and Malaysia.  Bringing the best VPN protocols – OpenVPN, PPTP and L2TP to support a wide variety of devices.  Connect from Windows (7, Vista, XP), Mac or Ubuntu.  Along with iPhone, iPad and Android.  Their site includes setup guides for all the devices.

On top of the features and easy set up guides is the IPVanish VPN client.  A nice addition to the service and one that doesn’t normally come at launch.  With the IPVanish client members can easily connect to any server and switch between them on the fly.  This makes changing IP’s and locations a breeze.  As for performance the results of our IPVanish speed tests were impressive.  With download speeds over 25 Mbps.

The most important factor of the IPVanish launch and future success is their team.  We’ve seen their passion for building the best VPN service.  It was obvious to those who tested IPVanish.  Now we all help in celebrating their official launch.  We encourage you to sign up for IPVanish and try the service for yourself.  In their words:

Our passion and goal is to bring you the absolute best VPN service—the best speeds, the most secure connections, the best technical support, and the most competitive pricing available anywhere.

That sentence carries a lot of meaning.  We always talk about the ‘value’ offered by leading Usenet providers and the same applies to personal VPN.  Providing the best VPN service at the best possible price.  Our definition of a winner.  We look forward to the growth of IPVanish and welcome you to join us as members.

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