Last Chance to Save on Giganews Usenet Access

If you’ve been considering a Giganews Diamond account for accessing Usenet we suggest you make the choice soon.  As Giganews will be increasing the price of new Diamond memberships to $34.99 on April 1st.  By signing up for the Diamond plan by March 31st you lock in the current $29.99 price for as long as you remain a member.  Giganews Diamond members receive a number of extras over Platinum and limited plans.  Starting with 50 connections, free VyprVPN for greater privacy and access to the new edition of Mimo Usenet Browser.

Here is an overview of Giganews Diamond account:

Diamond memberships are the pinnacle of Giganews Usenet offerings.  As the current $29.99 price and future increase to $34.99 suggests it is a premium account .  Diamond members enjoy unlimited Usenet downloads with close to 950 days of binary retention, 50 connections and 256-bit SSL.  Connect to news servers in the U.S., Europe and Asia for the best performance.  Reliability and support are excellent.  The same could be said for other Giganews accounts.  The difference being that Diamond members receive free unlimited VyprVPN access (PPTP and L2TP/IPSec) and the latest release of Mimo Usenet browser with Golden Frog Usenet search.

Read our Giganews review to learn more about the service or sign up for a free 14 day trial + 50% off your first month of Diamond access.  Remember to lock in the $29.99 price you must sign up by March 31st.

Giganews $5 Discount – Sign Up by December 31st

Sign up for Giganews Diamond membership through December 31, 2010 and save $5 over the new pricing to go into effect January 1st.  So if you’re considering a Giganews Diamond account now is the time to join.  Enjoy a $5 savings each month as you will lock in at $29.99 rather than the new $34.99 price.

Giganews Diamond members receive all the premium feaures of Giganews Usenet services including very high retention, completion, speeds in excess of 50 mbps and up to 50 SSL connections.  In addition Diamond subscribers receive free unlimited VyprVPN access and a chance to try the new Mimo Usenet browser.

Read out Giganews review to learn more about the Usenet service.  We also have reviews of both VyprVPN and Mimo.  Remember to sign up by December 31st if you’d like to save $5 a month on Giganews.

Giganews to Increase Price on Diamond Accounts

Giganews recently rolled out new account pricing and added SSL to all plans.

Giganews added SSL encryption to all their account offerings.  Those who have Platinum accounts or were considering a Platinum plan now receive SSL without paying the extra $5 a month.

Here are the details of the changes currently in effect:
Platinum – unlimited Usenet + SSL + 20 connections – $24.99
Silver – 50 GB a month + SSL + 20 connections – $14.99
Bronze – 10 GB a month + SSL + 20 connections – $9.99
Pearl – 5 GB a month + SSL + 20 connections – $4.99

On January 1, 2011 Giganews will increase the price of Diamond accounts as follows:
Diamond – unlimited Usenet + 50 connections + VyprVPN + Mimo w/search – $34.99

We’re disappointed by Giganews decision to increase the price of Diamond accounts.  Especially with so many Usenet providers offering unlimited Usenet for ~$10 a month.  To be fair Giganews has always been a premium service and they offer premium features like VyprVPN and Mimo.  We’re just not sure people are ready to pay $35 a month.

To learn more read our Giganews review or sign up for 50% off your first month of Giganews access.  Those who sign up for a Diamond account before the end of the year will continue to pay $29.99 a month rather than the new $34.99 price.