Giganews $5 Discount – Sign Up by December 31st

Sign up for Giganews Diamond membership through December 31, 2010 and save $5 over the new pricing to go into effect January 1st.  So if you’re considering a Giganews Diamond account now is the time to join.  Enjoy a $5 savings each month as you will lock in at $29.99 rather than the new $34.99 price.

Giganews Diamond members receive all the premium feaures of Giganews Usenet services including very high retention, completion, speeds in excess of 50 mbps and up to 50 SSL connections.  In addition Diamond subscribers receive free unlimited VyprVPN access and a chance to try the new Mimo Usenet browser.

Read out Giganews review to learn more about the Usenet service.  We also have reviews of both VyprVPN and Mimo.  Remember to sign up by December 31st if you’d like to save $5 a month on Giganews.