Giganews to Increase Price on Diamond Accounts

Giganews recently rolled out new account pricing and added SSL to all plans.

Giganews added SSL encryption to all their account offerings.  Those who have Platinum accounts or were considering a Platinum plan now receive SSL without paying the extra $5 a month.

Here are the details of the changes currently in effect:
Platinum – unlimited Usenet + SSL + 20 connections – $24.99
Silver – 50 GB a month + SSL + 20 connections – $14.99
Bronze – 10 GB a month + SSL + 20 connections – $9.99
Pearl – 5 GB a month + SSL + 20 connections – $4.99

On January 1, 2011 Giganews will increase the price of Diamond accounts as follows:
Diamond – unlimited Usenet + 50 connections + VyprVPN + Mimo w/search – $34.99

We’re disappointed by Giganews decision to increase the price of Diamond accounts.  Especially with so many Usenet providers offering unlimited Usenet for ~$10 a month.  To be fair Giganews has always been a premium service and they offer premium features like VyprVPN and Mimo.  We’re just not sure people are ready to pay $35 a month.

To learn more read our Giganews review or sign up for 50% off your first month of Giganews access.  Those who sign up for a Diamond account before the end of the year will continue to pay $29.99 a month rather than the new $34.99 price.