Escape the Heat This Summer : 5 Great Usenet Offers

Escape the heat and enjoy unlimited newsgroup access this summer.  New to Usenet?  No better time than now to give it a try.  Below is our list of the top 5 summer Usenet offers.  Visit the Usenet specials section of for a complete list.

1.  Giganews

Giganews is offering a World Cup special which includes unlimited Usenet access, 50 connections and SSL for $19.99 a month.  Read our Giganews review for more details.

2.  Astraweb

Astraweb is offering unlimited Usenet access, 20 connections and SSL for $11 a month or $96 a year.  Read our Astraweb review for more details.

3.  Supernews

Supernews is offering unlimited Usenet access, 30 connections and SSL for $9.99 a month.  Read our Supernews review for more details.

4.  UseNetServer

UseNetServer is offering unlimited Usenet access, 20 connections and SSL encryption for $10 a month.  Read our UseNetServer review for more details.

5.  NewsDemon

NewsDemon is offering unlimited Usenet access, 50 connections and SSL for $10.95 a month.  Read our NewsDemon review for more details.

Supernews – 2010 NGR Editors Choice Award

Congratulations to Supernews who recently earned an NGR Editors’ Choice Award.  The awards represent our picks for the top 5 Usenet providers and are updated quarterly to keep up with the market.  The performance and reliability of Supernews helped them earn the award.

As mentioned in previous posts the awards are given in recognition of the best Usenet providers based on factors including service level, performance, and value.  The providers bearing this title are thoroughly tested and evaluated by the NGR editors.  Supernews joins Giganews, UseNetServer, Binverse and NewsDemon as our latest Editors Choice selections.

It would be easy to look at the price ($9.99 a month for NGR visitors) and assume the reason for the award is value.  That certainly comes into play but more important was the reliability and performance of Supernews.  The service takes advantage of the most reliable network to offer 100% availability and over 99% completion across all groups.

Supernews binary retention recently grew to over a year.  They now offer 400 days of binaries to be exact.  Not the highest in the industry.  For that you would need to look to Giganews who is now over 610 days of binary retention and counting.  For the price though you can’t beat the performance and reliability of Supernews.

Here are some highlights of the Supernews service:
– Unlimited Usenet access
– 400+ days binary retention
– 1,000+ days text retention
– access to over 110,000 newsgroups
– 99%+ completion rate
– excellent speed (up to 30 connections)
– news server in the US, Europe and Asia
– free 256-bit SSL encryption

To learn more about the service read our Supernews review or sign up and enjoy Unlimited Usenet for only $9.99 a month.

Supernews Increases Binary Retention to 400 Days

January 12, 2011 update: Supernews is now up to 800 days binary retention.  They are still offering NGR visitors $9.99 unlimited Usenet access.

The Supernews “Newspaper Man” has an extra jump in his step as the service increases binary retention to 400 days.  The Supernews retention update is immediate.  Boosting from 350 days up to 400 and surpassing a year of binary retention!

Here are some high points of Supernews Usenet access:
– 400 days binary retention
– 1,000 days text retention
– 99%+ completion rate
– Up to 30 connections
– US and European server farms
– Free 256-bit SSL encryption

Those of us who have been around through the years know Supernews as a quality, reliable Usenet provider.  They are also a great value with unlimited Usenet access for under $12 a month.  Even better NGR visitors can enjoy unlimited Supernews access for $9.99 a month.

To learn more about the service or the $9.99 special read our Supernews review.

Usenet Black Friday Deals – Newsgroup Reviews (NGR)

November 29, 2013 update – please see our updated Black Friday / Cyber Monday Usenet deals post for the latest specials.  Including heavily discounted promotions for unlimited Usenet, block accounts and more.


It’s time to launch the Usenet Black Friday deals.  Enjoy some of the best deals of 2009 courtesy of several top Usenet providers.  We’ve got some great holiday specials along with a few NGR exclusives.

We will start from the top and cover the top 10 Black Friday Usenet deals of 2009.  Click on any provider below or visit the Newsgroup Reviews home page for sign up details.

1. NewsDemon – $9.95 unlimited Usenet access for life!

Enjoy a NewsDemon Unlimited Plus Usenet account for $9.95 a month for the life of your account.  No term commitments.  Pay monthly and keep the great price as long as your account is active.  This discount is over 55% off the normal retail price of $22.99.

The Unlimited Plus Newsdemon plan is their premier account.  It includes unlimited downloads from over 450 days of binary retention across some 107,000 newsgroups.  The plan includes all the extras – up to 20 connections, SSL encryption and a free newsreader.  They also offer news servers in both the US and Europe for the best speed and reliability.

2. Binverse – 155 GB Free Trial + 20% off your first month

Binverse is offering NGR customers a two part special.  First you will receive a 14 day free trial with up to 155 GB of downloads.  If you decide you like Binverse (and we think you will) they will also discount your first month of unlimited access by taking 20% off the price.  A win / win.

Binverse has a lot to offer newsgroup customers.  Especially those new to Usenet.  They include their own free newsreader which allows you to easily search for content, download, repair and extract.  The service boasts 400+ days of binary retention, thumbnail picture previews, Usenet search engine, file previews and SSL encryption.

3. Supernews$9.99 unlimited Usenet

NGR visitors can enjoy unlimited Supernews Usenet access for $9.99 a month.  There is no long term commitment required for the discount.  Enjoy unlimited downloads from over 350 days of binary retention, 1,000 days of text posts, 99%+ completion rate, up to 30 connections and server farms in the United States, Europe and Asia for the best performance.

4. Thundernews50% off lifetime discount on any monthly plan

Thundernews is offering a great Black Friday Usenet special including 50% off all monthly accounts.  By monthly they mean accounts that are billed monthly with no long-term commitment.  That means you can enjoy unlimited Thundernews access for $10.99 a month or if you don’t need quite that much you can grab a 75 GB a month account for $8.50 a month which is a great deal.  Thundernews accounts offer 395 days retention, 20 connections, SSL encryption, free News Rover newsreader and 24/7 live chat support.

5. UseNetNow$8.99 unlimited Usenet for life

UseNetNow is offering unlimited newsgroup accounts for $8.99.  While UseNetNow isn’t quite as well known as some of the others on our list we have had the opportunity to review the service and get to know a representative that frequents DSL Reports forums.  The service is fast, reliable and at $8.99 a great value.  Enjoy unlimited access to over 365 days of binary retention (growing to 400), 20 connections, free SSL and servers in both the US and Europe.

6. NewsgroupDirect$1 unlimited Usenet for two months

We debated on where this deal would fall in the list.  NGD is letting new customers enjoy their first two months of unlimited Usenet access for only $1 a month.  Then the plan reverts back to regular price which is $20 a month.  It is a great deal.  Especially for those new to Usenet or to NewsgroupDirect that want time to try it out.  Otherwise we prefer the $9-$10 a month lifetime deals.  NewsgroupDirect is also offering $5 off all block accounts for Black Friday.

7. Newshosting – $5 unlimited Usenet for the first month

Newshosting is offering new customers a 75% discount off the first month of unlimited Usenet access.  Sign up for an NHXL account which includes unlimited downloads, 450 days of binary retention, up to 60 connections, free SSL and access to news servers in the US and Europe.  After the first month the account will revert to regular pricing which is $19.95 a month.

8. Alt.Binaries – 50% off all plans for first 6 months

AltBinaries offers some really good pricing on metered Usenet accounts.  Meaning a set amount of bandwidth each month.  With the 50% discount you can really save a lot.  For example 80 GB a month of downloads would only cost under $6.50 a month for the first 6 months.  AltBinaries offers customers 170 days of binary retention, 20 connections, SSL, free header downloads and web access to picture newsgroups.

9. UseNetServer – $5 unlimited Usenet for the first month

UseNetServer is offering new customers over 70% off the first month of unlimited Usenet access.  Sign up for a High-Speed Plus account which includes unlimited downloads, 450 days of binary retention, up to 20 connections, free SSL, global search and access to news servers in the US and Europe.  After the first month the account will revert to regular pricing which is $17.95 a month.

10. Newsguy – Buy One Get One (BOGO) Usenet Accounts

Newsguy just launched what they are calling their “Christmas Giveaway” which is basically a BOGO Usenet sale.  Buy any Newsguy account and get the second one free.  It applies to all accounts including annual terms which are already discounted quite a bit.  Newsguy offers 300 days of binary retention to some 107,000 newsgroups, web Usenet access, up to 32 connections, a newsgroup search engine and free SSL.


A sincere thank you to all the Usenet providers for offering holiday specials.  We hope this will become a yearly tradition and appreciate your efforts and consideration in making the deals available.

To our NGR visitors we hope you enjoy the Black Friday Usenet specials.  Save some money and enjoy the newsgroup access.  For those new to Usenet we welcome you to the community – enjoy!