2019 Black Friday Usenet Deals & Holiday Specials

Here’s a quick look at our list of Black Friday Usenet deals.

  1. Newshosting – $50 a year (with free client + VPN) for life
  2. UseNetServer – $47.40 a year (with free VPN) for life
  3. TweakNews – €60,00 a year with client + VPN
  4. Eweka – €60,00 a year with free newsreader
  5. Easynews – $9.99 a month for 3 months for Big Gig plan
  6. NewsDemon – $30 for 14 months
  7. ThunderNews – $25 a year
  8. NewsgroupDirect – $28 a year
  9. theCubeNet – $30 a year
  10. UsenetExpress – $55 for two years
  11. Usenet Farm – €3.98 a month for up to 6 TB
  12. Newsgroup Ninja – $39.99 a year
  13. Pure Usenet – $39.99 a year
  14. XS News – €5,99 a month for Elite plan
  15. XS Usenet – €48 a year with 1100 days retention
  16. FastUsenet – $4.95 a month with GrabIt newsreader
  17. UsenetBacket – 30% off 12 months of basic, comfort, or ultimate bucket
  18. SunnyUsenet – €75 a year
  19. Usenet.Today – $1 for the first month and then full price

Need a black Usenet account? Here are some good Black Friday block deals:

  1. NewsDemon – 4 TB block for $19
  2. NewgroupDirect – 2 TB block for $10
  3. ThunderNews – 1.5 TB block for $10
  4. theCubeNet – 1 TB block for $7.50
  5. UsenetExpress – 500 GB block for $5
  6. ViperNews – 500 GB block for €6,99

Looking for a Usenet provider that accepts bitcoin? If so we recommend theCubeNet, BlockNews, Usenet.Farm, and SunnyUsenet.

Bonus: best VPN deals of the year

It’s almost time to launch the Black Friday Usenet deals again this year.  Last time around was a lot of fun and we plan to cover all the Black Friday / Cyber Monday / Holiday newsgroup specials right here again this year.  Enjoy some of the best deals of 2019 courtesy of top Usenet providers.  We’ll have some great holiday specials along with a few surprises.  Make sure to keep an eye on this post mid-week as we plan to get the Black Friday deals rolling a little early this time around.  From what we’ve heard so far this year will be fun as always.

Black Friday Usenet Deals

We will start from the top and cover the top 10 Black Friday / Holiday Usenet deals of 2019.  Like most merchants, a number of Usenet providers like to keep their Black Friday promotions secret until they launch.  The details for some will start to materialize closer to Thanksgiving Day.  No worries though as we plan to carry all the promotions.  Our list of deals will be updated as Black Friday draws closer so please check back for the best deals of 2019.  Click on any provider below or visit the Newsgroup Reviews home page for more info.

1.  Newshosting – $50 a year (with free client + VPN) for life

Newshosting is offering unlimited Usenet, a free newsreader with built-in search, 30 connections and SSL for just $50 a year with free VPN access.  Read our Newshosting review for details.

2.  UseNetServer – $47.40 a year (with free VPN) for life

UNS offers high retention, free SSL and Usenet search for $47.40 a year with free VPN access. This is the best dal for experiences users. Read our UNS review to learn more about the service.

3. Easynews – Big Gig access for $9.99 a month for 3 months

Easynews is offering 150 GB of web Usenet + unlimited NNTP Usenet access along with high binary retention and 20 SSL connections from $9.99 a month. Read our Easynews review to learn more.

4. Eweka – €5,00 unlimited Usenet access

Eweka is offering unlimited newsgroup downloads at 50 Mbit for €5,00 a month. With a free upgrade to 100 Mbit if you top off 90 days of credit. Read our Eweka review to learn more.

5.  TweakNews – €60 a year (with client + VPN) for life

TweakNews special includes unlimited Usenet with free newsreader and VPN access for just €9,99 a month or €89 a year.  Read our TweakNews review for more details.

6.  Supernews – $9.99/mo. or $99 a year unlimited Usenet

Supernews is offering $9.99 a month / $99 a year unlimited Usenet access with 20 connections, SSL  and good binary retention.  Read our Supernews review for more details.

7.  NewsDemon – $10 unlimited Usenet for life

NewsDemon offers unlimited newsgroup access along with a newsreader, SSL and 50 connections for just $10 a month.  Read our NewsDemon review to learn more.

8.  ThunderNews – $10.49 unlimited Usenet for life

ThunderNews includes unlimited Usenet access with secure (SSL) encryption, 50 connections and a free newsreader for $10.49 a month.  Read our ThunderNews review to learn more.

9.  NewsLeecher – $9.49 unlimited Usenet access

NewsLeecher offers unlimited access to newsgroups along with free SSL encryption and 30 connections. for just $9.49 a month.  Read our NewsLeecher Usenet review for more details.

10.  UseNetNow – $10.39 unlimited Usenet access

UseNetNow offers NGR visitors unlimited Usenet downloads along with free SSL encryption and 50 connections. for just $10.39 a month.  Read our UseNetNow review for more details.

A sincere thank you to all the Usenet providers offering holiday specials.  We  appreciate your efforts and consideration in making the deals available.  To our NGR visitors we hope you enjoy the Black Friday / holiday Usenet deals.  Save some money and enjoy the best premium newsgroup access!