Supernews Increases Binary Retention to 400 Days

January 12, 2011 update: Supernews is now up to 800 days binary retention.  They are still offering NGR visitors $9.99 unlimited Usenet access.

The Supernews “Newspaper Man” has an extra jump in his step as the service increases binary retention to 400 days.  The Supernews retention update is immediate.  Boosting from 350 days up to 400 and surpassing a year of binary retention!

Here are some high points of Supernews Usenet access:
– 400 days binary retention
– 1,000 days text retention
– 99%+ completion rate
– Up to 30 connections
– US and European server farms
– Free 256-bit SSL encryption

Those of us who have been around through the years know Supernews as a quality, reliable Usenet provider.  They are also a great value with unlimited Usenet access for under $12 a month.  Even better NGR visitors can enjoy unlimited Supernews access for $9.99 a month.

To learn more about the service or the $9.99 special read our Supernews review.