Valentine’s Day Usenet Promotions

Why not get yourself or someone you love the gift of Usenet for Valentine’s Day? That’s the question that some top Usenet providers are asking this year. We’re excited to share a number of great promotions. All of the deals are live so you can enjoy some of the best prices of the year without waiting for Black Friday to roll around. Let’s take a closer look at Valentine’s promos from Newshosting, UseNetServer, Eweka, and TweakNews.

#1 – UseNetServer Valentine’s Day Promo

UseNetServer Valentine's Promo

UseNetServer is arguably the best value in Usenet for those who use a third-party browser like SABnzbd or NZBGet. While the service lacks it’s own newsgroup reader, you can still use the UNS global search feature to find you favorite content. During the Valentine’s promotion you can sign up for a full year of unlimited Usenet + VPN for just $4.99 a month. That’s a savings of 75% off the regular price.

#2 – Newshosting Valentine’s Day Sale

Newshosting Valentine's Sale

Let’s continue with our favorite Usenet provider. The team at Newshosting is celebrating Valentine’s Day with a sweet deal on their popular Usenet service. New members can enjoy 62% off unlimited Usenet with free zero-log VPN access. Pay just $7.50 a month for a full year of access. That’s a 62% savings off the retail price.

#3 – Eweka Valentine’s Day Special

Eweka Valentine's Special

Eweka offers the highest retention of any Dutch Usenet service. Their retention rivals Newshosting and is well above other European competitors. The download speeds are hard to beat as well. You won’t have access to a custom newsreader but assuming you have a favorite already, you can enjoy unlimited Usenet with speeds up to 300 Mbps for just €6.50 a month during the Eweka Valentine’s Day promotion.

#4 – TweakNews Valentine’s Day Deal

TweakNews Valentine's Deal

If you’re looking for a great Usenet service in Europe then TweakNews is a solid choice. Members have access to their Usenet client software with built-in search. You can also add VPN to any monthly plan or get free VPN with the Valentine’s offer. Enjoy unlimited Usenet + VPN for just €6.99 a month during the Valentine’s sale.

2018 Black Friday Usenet Deals & Holiday Specials

Here’s a quick look at our list of Black Friday Usenet deals.

  1. Newshosting – $50 a year (with free client + VPN) for life
  2. UseNetServer – $47.40 a year (with free VPN) for life
  3. TweakNews – €60,00 a year with client + VPN
  4. Eweka – €60,00 a year with free newsreader
  5. Easynews – $9.99 a month for 3 months for Big Gig plan
  6. ThunderNews – $45 a year with VPN
  7. theCubeNet – $4.25 a month or $42.99 a year
  8. NewsDemon – deals start Friday at 7am EST
  9. Usenet Farm – €3.98 a month for up to 3 TB
  10. Newsgroup Ninja – $39.99 a year
  11. Pure Usenet – $39.99 a year
  12. XS News – €5,99 a month for Elite plan
  13. XS Usenet – €45 a year with 1100 days retention
  14. FastUsenet – $5.95 a month with GrabIt newsreader
  15. UsenetBacket – 30% off 12 months of basic, comfort, or ultimate bucket
  16. SunnyUsenet – €35 a year on Base IP backbone
  17. Usenet.Today – $1 for the first month and then full price

Need a black Usenet account? Here are some good Black Friday block deals:

  1. BlockNews – 500 GB block from $1 to $20 (starts at 11 PM EST Nov. 22nd
  2. Usenet.Farm – 500 GB block for €10.50
  3. ThunderNews – 500 GB block for $15

Looking for a Usenet provider that accepts bitcoin? If so we recommend theCubeNet, BlockNews, Usenet.Farm, and SunnyUsenet.

Bonus: best VPN deals of the year

It’s almost time to launch the Black Friday Usenet deals again this year.  Last time around was a lot of fun and we plan to cover all the Black Friday / Cyber Monday / Holiday newsgroup specials right here again this year.  Enjoy some of the best deals of 2018 courtesy of top Usenet providers.  We’ll have some great holiday specials along with a few surprises.  Make sure to keep an eye on this post mid-week as we plan to get the Black Friday deals rolling a little early this time around.  From what we’ve heard so far this year will be fun as always.

Black Friday Usenet Deals

We will start from the top and cover the top 10 Black Friday / Holiday Usenet deals of 2018.  Like most merchants, a number of Usenet providers like to keep their Black Friday promotions secret until they launch.  The details for some will start to materialize closer to Thanksgiving Day.  No worries though as we plan to carry all the promotions.  Our list of deals will be updated as Black Friday draws closer so please check back for the best deals of 2018.  Click on any provider below or visit the Newsgroup Reviews home page for more info.

1.  Newshosting – $50 a year (with free client + VPN) for life

Newshosting is offering unlimited Usenet, a free newsreader with built-in search, 30 connections and SSL for just $50 a year with free VPN access.  Read our Newshosting review for details.

2.  UseNetServer – $47.40 a year (with free VPN) for life

UNS offers high retention, free SSL and Usenet search for $47.40 a year with free VPN access. This is the best dal for experiences users. Read our UNS review to learn more about the service.

3. Easynews – Big Gig access for $9.99 a month for 3 months

Easynews is offering 150 GB of web Usenet + unlimited NNTP Usenet access along with high binary retention and 20 SSL connections from $9.99 a month. Read our Easynews review to learn more.

4. Eweka – €5,00 unlimited Usenet access

Eweka is offering unlimited newsgroup downloads at 50 Mbit for €5,00 a month. With a free upgrade to 100 Mbit if you top off 90 days of credit. Read our Eweka review to learn more.

5.  TweakNews – €9,99/mo. or €89 a year (with client + VPN) for life

TweakNews special includes unlimited Usenet with free newsreader and VPN access for just €9,99 a month or €89 a year.  Read our TweakNews review for more details.

6.  Supernews – $9.99/mo. or $99 a year unlimited Usenet

Supernews is offering $9.99 a month / $99 a year unlimited Usenet access with 20 connections, SSL  and good binary retention.  Read our Supernews review for more details.

7.  NewsDemon – $10 unlimited Usenet for life

NewsDemon offers unlimited newsgroup access along with a newsreader, SSL and 50 connections for just $10 a month.  Read our NewsDemon review to learn more.

8.  ThunderNews – $10.49 unlimited Usenet for life

ThunderNews includes unlimited Usenet access with secure (SSL) encryption, 50 connections and a free newsreader for $10.49 a month.  Read our ThunderNews review to learn more.

9.  NewsLeecher – $9.49 unlimited Usenet access

NewsLeecher offers unlimited access to newsgroups along with free SSL encryption and 30 connections. for just $9.49 a month.  Read our NewsLeecher Usenet review for more details.

10.  UseNetNow – $10.39 unlimited Usenet access

UseNetNow offers NGR visitors unlimited Usenet downloads along with free SSL encryption and 50 connections. for just $10.39 a month.  Read our UseNetNow review for more details.

A sincere thank you to all the Usenet providers offering holiday specials.  We  appreciate your efforts and consideration in making the deals available.  To our NGR visitors we hope you enjoy the Black Friday / holiday Usenet deals.  Save some money and enjoy the best premium newsgroup access!

Newshosting Black Friday 2018 Discount

The Newshosting team just launched the latest Black Friday / Cyber Monday Usenet deal. The Newshosting sale consists of 12 months of unlimited Usenet and VPN for $50. That works out to just $4.17 a month. Best of all, the Newshosting Black Friday deal is recurring so you can enjoy unlimited downloads, 60 connections, over 10 years of binary retention, Newshosting browser and VPN service for just $4.17 a month for life!

Newshosting Black Friday dal

The Newshosting Black Friday deal is a limited time offer so you will want to sign up soon to take advantage of the offer. Please note that you will not need any coupon code. The discount is automatically applied. Simply click on the image above to visit Newshosting and sign up for the annual plan which includes all the bells and whistles. At a 79% discount, this is the best price we’ve ever seen Newshosting offer on unlimited Usenet with free VPN access. The VPN alone is worth $5 to $10 a month.

As our top ranked Usenet provider, Newshosting has a lot to offer. They have NNTP servers in the United States, The Netherlands, and Germany. Pro tip: set up multiple server locations to get the best performance and completion across the entire Newshosting network. You will want to give the server closest to you the highest priority to achieve the fastest download speeds. You will find that Newshosting can sustain very high download speeds in the US and Europe. Use the minimum number of connections necessary to max out your connection.

Visit Newshosting during their Black Friday sale to save 79% off unlimited Usenet and VPN access. Enjoy the best Newshosting has to offer for just $4.17 a month for life!

Read our Newshosting review to learn more about the service and follow us @NewsgroupRevs for the latest Usenet news and deals.

Labor Day Usenet Deals : 79% Off Unlimited Usenet

Summer is winding down the Labor Day holiday weekend is upon us.  Giving Usenet fans a great opportunity to save big on newsgroup access.  Including up to 80% off unlimited newsgroup access.  Leading Usenet providers like Newshosting, UseNetServer,  Easynews, Giganews, and Supernews are offering some excellent promotions.  With prices as low as $3.95 a month for unlimited Usenet and VPN access!

Newshosting Labor Day Deal

Take full advantage of the Labor Day holiday.  Enjoy the beginning of the college football season, barbeques and perhaps even a few cold ones with friends, responsibly of course.  Then when you’re partied out come back and enjoy your new Usenet account.  All of the Labor Day Usenet deals listed below are lifetime offers and include unlimited access to newsgroups.  Some even include extras like newsreaders, search and online storage.

#1 – Newshosting – Unlimited Usenet + Client for $7.00/mo. or $49/yr.

Take advantage of Newshosting‘s special promotion which includes unlimited Usenet access and free access to their Usenet client for just $7.00 a month or $49 a year.  Expect the very best from Newshosting.  High retention, excellent performance, spot on reliability and the Newshosting newsreader with built-in search engine.  All for just $7.00 a month or $49 a year.  The annual plan also includes free VPN access which is a $5/mo. value. Visit our NGR Newshosting special page to save up to 79% off Newshosting unlimited Usenet access.

#2 – UseNetServer – Unlimited Usenet + Search + VPN for $47/yr.

The UseNetServer (UNS $47 yearly Usenet specials is an amazing deal.   UNS comes close to topping our list of the best Usenet providers for a number of reasons.  The service offers high retention, UNS Global Usenet search feature, speed, reliability and everything else you expect from a leading newsgroup service.  You can add free VPN to the mix when you sign up for their annual promotion. The price is just $3.95 a month.  Visit our NGR UseNetServer special page to save up to 80% off UNS unlimited Usenet access.

#3 – Easynews – Unlimited NNTP Usenet Access for $9.99

The Easynews NNTP special includes $9.99 unlimited NNTP + 150 GB of web Usenet access a month.  While Easynews is best known for their popular web Usenet interface, they also offer excellent NNTP servers.  Featuring unlimited Usenet downloads plus a taste of their easy to use web interface.  All for just $9.99 a month.  Sign up via our NGR Easynews special page and enjoy 50% off your first 3 months of their Big Gig plan.

#4 – Giganews – Unlimited Usenet + Client + Search for $10.99

The Giganews special includes unlimited Usenet downloads and access to their VyprVPN client with built-in Usenet search engine.  Along with free unlimited access to VyprVPN for $10.99 a month. for the first month  The Giganews service is top notch, offering high retention, uncapped speeds and free features (Usenet client and search).  All for just $10.99 the first month and then $21.99 a month.  Visit our NGR Giganews special page to save 50% off unlimited Usenet.

#5 – Supernews – Unlimited Usenet for $9.99/mo. or $99/yr.

The Supernews $9.99 special is gives you unlimited access to their Usenet servers in the United States and Europe.  It started with a focus on value at a time when the economy was in the crapper.  Even though that part has changed. Supernews continues to offer unlimited Usenet access for $9.99 a month or $99 a year.  Which is a great value.  If extra features (newsreader, search, VPN) aren’t that important then visit our NGR Supernews special page and save 31% off Supernews.

As always stay up to date on all the latest promotions via the Usenet specials section of NewsgroupReviews.  Please also consider following us (@NewsgroupRevs) on Twitter.  Enjoy your Labor Day festivities!

Introducing Usenetic Usenet Client for Mac

The Usenet client options for Mac have been fairly sparse since the Panic team decided to discontinue development of Unison in 2014. You still have apps like Newshosting that are maintained by Usenet providers but very few choices for those who want to connect to multiple Usenet services. That’s why we’re excited to share the news of a new Mac client called Usenetic from the Xorox team located in Rotterdam, Netherlands. You can try the new Mac client for free. In fact the Xorox team is currently offering all new users a 7 day free trial to test the app. You will also have full access to the MegaSearch Usenet search engine built into the app.


After the 7 day free trial of Usenetic you can buy a license at a 50% discounted price of €14.99 during their launch promotion. Your purchase includes a lifetime license for Usenetic along with a year of MegaSearch which is their built-in Usenet search engine. After that you can continue using MegaSearch for €9.99 a year. Depending on how much retention your Usenet provider supports, you can search for content across over 10 years of binary and text articles with the client. The app requires Mac OS X v10.10 or later.

Some of the features of Usenetic include the ability to search across thousands of newsgroups without downloading headers, import and export NZB files, auto repair and extract your Usenet downloads, a watchdog feature to automatically download content when it becomes available, and the ability to post.

We haven’t tested Usenetic yet so we can’t speak to the quality of the app. We’ll circle back in a couple weeks and post a full review. In the meantime we wanted to share the news so you can test out Usenetic for yourself. As always we welcome you to share your impressions with us via Twitter. We look forward to hearing what you think of the new Mac Usenet client.

Newsbin 6.80 – Faster Downloads and More

Quade’s latest efforts are ready for primetime as Newsbin 6.80 is expected to come out of beta later today.  If you haven’t had a chance to test out the new version then I suggest you head over to their site and grab the download.  If you’ve ever purchased a license for Newsbin then you’re in luck since you’re eligible for version 6.80 and all future upgrades.  Those new to Newsbin can download a 15 day free trial.  Simply visit and click on the “Free Trial Key” button.  The free trial includes full access to Newsbin 6.80 and their Usenet search engine.  When the trial ends you can buy a license with lifetime updates for just $20 or subscribe to their search engine and continue to use it free.


Newsbin 6.80 has several new features and we’re especially excited about the new download engine.  You can expect a faster, more reliable download experience.  Continue to download while you process files.  Here are just a few of the new features that Newsbin shared with us.  You can view the change log for a full list of new features and bug fixes in the new version.

  • Better support for obfuscated posting styles
  • Increased download performance and reliability
  • Updated RAR and PAR processing code
  • Sonarr integration improvements

It’s great to see the continued efforts in developing new features.  In the last two weeks we’ve covered new releases from Newsbin and SABnzbd.  Both of which add new features to make for a better Usenet experience.  We’re especially excited to see the increased performance updates in Newsbin and the expanded support for obfuscated posts.  Remember to share any feedback you have with their team so they can continue to refine and make the Usenet client even better.  Cheers to the @Newsbin team.  Here’s to a great 2018!

Visit Newsgroup Reviews to compare Usenet clients and providers.  Join us on Twitter @NewsgroupRevs.

SABnzbd Releases Version 2.3.3

SABnzbd continues to refine their popular Usenet browser.  The SABnzbd 2.3.3 release includes an update to enforce “host_whitelist” to reject DNS Rebinding attacks. Version 2.3.3 was released a few days ago.  You can choose whether you want to wait for any bugs to be flushed out.  We’re comfortable with SABnzbd releases and this isn’t a beta or RC.  In this case you can expect fewer bugs since it’s a full release. We haven’t heard of any major issues with the yet. As of Thursday afternoon, SABnzbd 2.3.3 has been downloaded 15,636 times.  Those who haven’t tried SABnzbd in the past are welcome to grab the latest release from their downloads page or learn more about the project at

SABnzbd 2.3

SABnzbd is one of our favorite newsreaders along with NZBGet, Newshosting client, Newsbin and NewsLeecher.  All of them do a great job at downloading from Usenet.  If your goal is text newsgroups we would suggest Newsbin.  SABnzbd focuses on binary files.  The open-source client runs as a web server on your system.  You can access it through your favorite web browser.  They have versions available for Windows, Mac and Linux.

Since SABnzbd is open-source and has such a large following you will find a number of cool add-ons and services like CouchPotato, Sick Beard, Sonarr and SABMobile for iOS and Android devices.  Check out the SABnzbd forum to learn more about these add-ons and others available for the client.

Here’s a full list of new features and bug fixes in the SABnzbd 2.3.3 release:

Changes since 2.3.3

  • Introduce and enforce “host_whitelist” to reject DNS Rebinding attacks. If you access SABnzbd from a non-standard URL, you will need to add the hostname. More info:
  • SABYenc updated to 3.3.5 to fix false-positive CRC errors
  • SSL-Ciphers can now be set per-server
  • Failed URL fetches also trigger post-processing script (if configured)
  • Added “maxurlretries” to set maximum retries of URL fetching
  • Added “ignoreemptyfiles” option to not warn on empty files in NZB
  • Added “X-Frame-Options” HTTP-header to prevent click-jacking
  • Added “httpOnly” HTTP-header to prevent script cookie access
  • Extended SAN list of newly generated self-signed certificates
  • Indicate that SMPL-skin is no longer supported
  • Removed undocumented “callback” option from API calls
  • macOS: 64bit version of unrar instead of 32bit
  • Windows: Set process priority of external processes (unpack/repair)
  • Windows: Default external process priority increased to “Normal”

Bugfixes since 2.3.2

  • NZB’s can be added via command-line but this was not shown in “–help”
  • Only show bad-SSL-warning if it was actually tested
  • Language-change via API did not directly change display language
  • Cheetah 3 is also accepted as template engine
  • Correctly indicate that 99 is the maximum server priority
  • Results of unpacked zip/7zip files were not sorted
  • Joining of split files was limited to 999 files
  • Media files with “password” in filename were detected as encrypted
  • Servers that could not be DNS-resolved could block the queue
  • Detect ‘502 Byte limit exceeded’ as payment problem
  • Server load-balancing setting was ignored when testing server
  • Windows: MultiPar checksum errors during repair would result in crash
  • Windows: Update 7zip to 18.01

Upgrading from 2.2.x and older

  • Finish queue
  • Stop SABnzbd
  • Install new version
  • Start SABnzbd

Upgrade notices

  • When upgrading from 2.2.0 or older the queue will be converted. Job order, settings and data will be preserved, but all jobs will be unpaused and URL’s that did not finish fetching before the upgrade will be lost.
  • The organization of the download queue is different from 0.7.x releases. This version will not see the 0.7.x queue, but you can restore the jobs by going to Status page and using Queue Repair.

Who said Usenet isn’t popular?  SABnzbd continues to grow and has now passed 9 million downloads.  Having so many popular extensions integrated with the Usenet browser will only help the project continue to grow.  If you have any questions or need help getting started the SABnzbd team has some nice guides.  The forum is also a great place to ask questions and learn about all the custom add-ons.

Visit Newsgroup Reviews to learn more about Usenet.  Follow us @NewsgroupRevs for the latest news.

Eweka King’s Day Special

The team at Eweka is celebrating King’s Day with a special discount. The offer includes a 7-day free trial with unlimited Usenet access, download speeds of 300 Mbps, 256-bit SSL connections, and over 3,535 days of binary retention. That’s almost 10 years of binaries from a leading Usenet provider in the Netherlands. Best of all, the price of a subscription during the King’s Day promotion is just €5 a month. That’s a savings of 48% off the full retail price. Visit the Eweka King’s Day Sale page to take advantage of the offer.

Eweka King's Day Sale

Everyone is eligible for the promotion. Even if you live in the United States and aren’t sure what King’s Day is all about. You can still sign up for the savings. As the image above mentions, new membes save 48% off for life. That means you can enjoy unlimited Usenet access from just €5 a month as long as you keep the account active. The price is based on a annual subscription which works out to €60 a year. You will be hard pressed to find a better deal anywhere, not to mention from a leading Dutch Usenet provider.

Eweka offers the best of both worlds. You get fast newsgroup downloads with speeds up to 300 Mbps coupled with 256-bit SSL encryption for those who want secure connections. Eweka’s binary retention is the highest in the region and right in line with leading US providers. You can download a free copy of Newzlazer newsreader to find and download your favorite newsgroup content. The only option missing is a VPN for those who want the extra privacy protection. You won’t need it for Usenet but we highly recommend using a VPN for other online activities. All in all the Eweka King’s Day sale is one of the best deals we’ve seen so far this year.

Free NCAA March Madness Apps

It’s that time of year again.  With day 1 of March Madness underway, hopefully your NCAA tourney bracket isn’t too beat up.  We also enjoy the surprises that come each year over the first weekend.  This might seem a little off topic since we normally cover Usenet but I know a lot of our blog readers will be enjoying the tournament along with us.  Here are some free March Madness apps for iOS and Android to help you enjoy the tourney.

If you plan to watch March Madness from outside the USA we suggest using a VPN service.

NCAA March Madness Live

Free March Madness Apps

This year you can stream every game shown on CBS for free using the NCAA March Madness Live app.  The app is available for iPhone and iPad via iTunes.  Android users can download it free from Google Play.  If you’ve cut the cord on cable you can still watch all the CBS games which include a lot of important games this weekend and all of the NCAA Sweet 16 and beyond.  TBS, TNT and truTV games are open to paid subscribers.

ESPN Bracket Bound

ESPN Bracket Bound App

Keep track of the NCAA tourney brackets with the ESPN bracket bound app.  The app is free and available for iPhone and iPad via iTunes.  Those with Android devices can download the app free from Google Play.

ESPN ScoreCenter

ESPN ScoreCenter App

Use ESPN’s free ScoreCenter app to view the latest scores, read news, and watch video highlights.  iPhone and iPad users can download it free from iTunes.  Android users can grab ScoreCenter from Google Play.

You can check out more free sports related apps in either app store.  Enjoy this year’s March Madness!

Newshosting Holiday Promotion

As we near closer to Christmas and New Year’s the team at Newshosting is giving everyone a gift.  They are giving all new members a chance to save 64% off and get 2 free months when you sign up for the deeply discounted annual plan.  That means you can enjoy unlimited Usenet + VPN access through the holidays and well beyond for just $7.14 if you sign up for the Newshosting Unlimited plan during the sale. The Newshosting Holiday Promotion is live so you can save now.

Newshosting Holiday Promotion

If you’re not currently using Newshosting then I strongly suggest you sign up for an account to see just how much they have to offer.  Even before the Christmas promotion Newshosting was the best value in Usenet.  Now they’ve stepped up their game including 2 free months of Usenet and privacy protection with the VPN. The VPN access alone is worth more than the price you’ll pay for Usenet and VPN combined.

Here’s a quick breakdown of the Newshosting holiday special:

  • Unlimited Usenet + VPN – $99,99 or 14 months which is just $7.14 a month.

As you can see the price of the holiday special is just $7.14 which is 64% below the retail price.  Those who sign up for the annual plan will enjoy a 2 free months of service. Pay just $99.99 for 14 months of unlimited Usenet access and receive full access to their network of 70 VPN servers across 17 countries free of charge.  That’s the best Usenet / VPN combo deal around.

On the Usenet side Newshosting was already the top listed Usenet service on our site.  They offer a lot of value with the free Newshosting Usenet client.  The new VPN offer sweetens the pot even more.  Newshosting offers over 3,400 days of binary retention and growing.  Along with NNTP servers in the United States and Europe.  You can use up to 30 connections but you won’t need that many.  Free 256-bit SSL will help secure your Usenet connections and using the VPN will help protect your privacy for other online activities.

Read our Newshosting review to learn more or sign up for the Newshosting Holiday Promotion and enjoy!