Twitter Celebrates Five Years of Tweets

Yesterday Twitter celebrated their fifth anniversary.  As the service was officially started on June 15th, 2006.  The original site was at a different URL than the Twitter we know today.  At the time it was launched at  Now five years later the site celebrates with the addition of some 600,000 new members a day.  A total that took more than sixteen months to reach in the beginning.  We enjoy using Twitter on a regular basis to tweet about Usenet and technology related topics.  Please consider joining us @NewsgroupRevs.

According to the @Twitter posts on June 15th, the Twttr site saw 224 posts their first day.  A number that is surpassed in a tenth of a second today.  Cheers to the founders and team over at Twitter for providing us all with a highly addictive and very useful social tool.  We look forward to seeing what Biz Stone, Evan Williams and Jason Goldman’s come up with next as they relaunch Obvious.