theUsenet St. Patty’s Weekend Sale

theUsenet is offering a couple specials to help celebrate St. Patrick’s Day.  Including 60 GB of Usenet access a month for just $4.00 and a 17 GB block for just $1.00.  Both deals come with free SSL encryption.  You’ll want to sign up during their St. Patty’s weekend sale to save on either account.  In addition to these deals theUsenet recently updated pricing and is now offering an unlimited Usenet special for $9.50 a month.

Here’s a summary of theUsenet features:

  • 1,179 days of binary retention
  • 1,265 days of text retention
  • 99%+ completion rate
  • Over 107,000 newsgroups
  • Up to 50 connections
  • 256-bit SSL encryption
  • 24/7 live hat support

Here’s a summary of theUsenet St. Patty’s weekend specials:

Both the 60 GB monthly special and 17 GB block plan are great prices.  Just remember the 60 GB account is billed monthly while the 17 GB block is only billed once.  With block Usenet access from many services (including theUsenet) you can continue downloading until you use up the gigs purchased.  In this case 17 GB.

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