theCubeNet Slickdeals Promotion

It looks like theCubeNet team is almost giving away 25 GB blocks in a new promotion that has taken off on Slickdeals today.  We’re not sure how long the deal will last but right now you can sign up for 25 GB block accounts for just $1.29.  For comparison their regular price is $6.99 for the account.  According to Slickdeals you can sign up for multiple blocks.  Even if you already have an unlimited plan this could compliment it well.

theCubeNet Slickdeals Promotion

The latest theCubeNet special is great for those who need a small block for backups or fills.  Then again you can grab multiple 25 GB blocks and stack them.  As with all theCubeNet blocks the 25 GB never expires.  So you can use it until depleted.  To save either come in from the Slickdeals page or use promo code FBtest5.

  • 25 GB theCubeNet block – $1.29 one-time fee (normally $6.99

If you haven’t tried theCubeNet yet then this promotion is a good chance to test them out.  You can read our theCubeNet review to learn more about the service and our experience using it.

theCubeNet supports around 1,635 days of binary retention.  Along with free SSL encryption for all customers.  They offer members 50 connections with all block plans.  theCubeNet block accounts are shareable with up to three users.  They also make a free registered copy of News Rover available if you need a newsreader.

Visit Slickdeals or sign up on using coupon code FBtest5 for the $1.29 25 GB block.

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