Qwikster Twitter Account Sporting a Pot Smoking Elmo

We can’t help but see the humor in the latest Netflix announcement.  As they rebrand their DVD by mail service Qwikster.  It seems each move Netflix makes at the moment is a PR nightmare.  The latest being the split of their DVD to mail service into a new brand named Qwikster.  Fair enough.  They of course have the Qwikster.com domain.  What else might be important for a new mainstream brand like Qwikster.  Facebook and Twitter come to mind.  Only one problem, @Qwikster is sporting a pot smoking Elmo at the moment.

Of course it isn’t Netflix / Qwikster’s fault that the current owner chooses what appears to be a pot smoking Elmo as their profile picture.  It’s actually pretty funny.  Perhaps Qwikster can spin this story, lol.  The real question is how long and at what price Netflix will acquire the Twitter account.  Assuming they can’t persuade Twitter to take action for them.  If all else fails they can always catch the owner after a wake and bake to negotiate.

A quick word of advice to the current @Qwikster owner.  You might want to tone down the talk of selling your account on Twitter.  As it is a clear violation of their terms of service.  Which could quite possibly result in the account being banned and the name being handed over to Netflix / Qwikster free of charge.  Our advice would be to keep quiet and negotiate directly with Netflix.  I’m sure they wouldn’t mind quickly and quietly resolving the issue at a reasonable price.  Oh and you might want to consider removing the pot smoking Elmo before Sesame Street comes calling.  While we think it’s funny they might not share our sense of humor.

On a final note we’re guessing Qwiskter won’t use this as part of their corporate branding strategy: