Newshosting Retention Update and Fall Usenet Special

Newshosting recently increased binary retention from 650 days up to 700 days and is offering a triple gig Fall Usenet special.  Enjoy a 30 GB free Newshosting trial.

The binary retention increase puts Newshosting at almost two years of retention.  Amazing considering where the industry was a couple years ago.  The increase to 700+ days of binary retention was immediate so all current and new subscribers can enjoy the update.

The Newshosting Fall Special includes triple the free trial gigs.  Combined with their current Usenet special you can enjoy unlimited Usenet access from $12.95 a month.  In addition to a 14 day, 30 GB free trial.

Read our Newshosting review or sign up for the new 30 GB free trial and enjoy!

Newshosting Triple Free Trial + 50 GB Lite Upgrade

For a limited time Newshosting is tripling their free trial offer.  New customers can enjoy 3X the high speed trial downloads.  All new sign ups (including discounted accounts) are eligible for a 14 day, 30 GB free Usenet trial.

In addition to the new free trial offering Newshosting has doubled capacity on NH Lite plans.  Now you can enjoy 50 GB of newsgroup downloads for $10 a month.  Double the gigs for the same price.  The Lite plan also allows you to rollever unused gigs from month to month which is great for those who infrequently download large amounts.

The NH Lite account now includes:
– 50 GB of monthly downloads
– Unlimited speeds
– 650+ days of binary retention
– 1,000+ days of text retention
– Up to 30 connections
– Free SSL encryption
– Rollever unused gigs
– News servers in US and Europe
– 24/7 technical support

Read our Newshosting review or sign up for the new 30 GB free trial.

Newshosting Fresh New Site Design : Unlimited Special

Newshosting recently launched a new site design along with a $12.95 unlimited Usenet special.  Let’s take a look at the latest edition of

The site is appealing.  First highlighting the Newshosting 14 day free Usenet trial and $12.95 a month for a year unlimited special.  In addition the homepage points out the advantages of the Newshosting service in an easy to read manner along with some nice eye candy.

It appears that high retention, 256-bit SSL encryption and unlimited speed are now included with all Newshosting Usenet plans.  For our money we would choose the Unlimited account as 30 connections is plenty.   Unlimited speed means Newhosting doesn’t cap download speeds.  For those new to Usenet the site also offers helpful features including step-by-step videos to help learn more about newsgroups, configure a newsreader, search, download and post to Usenet.

To learn more read our Newshosting review or sign up for a 14 day free trial.

Newshosting Two Week Free Trial + Special Discounts

On April 23rd we posted on the newly released Newshosting specials which include NHXL access for $15.95 and NH Unlimited for $13.95 a month.  Today Newshosting added a two week free trial to the mix.  Sign up for either special and enjoy the first 14 days and up to 10 GB of downloads free of charge to test the service.

Who cares?  Hasn’t Newshosting been offering a free trial for a long time?  Why is this any different?  This is ALOT different.  Most providers who offer special pricing either do so without a free trial or end the trial with retail pricing.  Combining the free trial and special discount gives you an opportunity to test the service and still save 20% off unlimited Usenet access for life!  We think the new free trial + special will do quite well and look forward to your feedback.  Please send comments to feedback (at)

Read our Newshosting review to learn more about the service or sign up for the new free trial + special and enjoy!