Newshosting Two Week Free Trial + Special Discounts

On April 23rd we posted on the newly released Newshosting specials which include NHXL access for $15.95 and NH Unlimited for $13.95 a month.  Today Newshosting added a two week free trial to the mix.  Sign up for either special and enjoy the first 14 days and up to 10 GB of downloads free of charge to test the service.

Who cares?  Hasn’t Newshosting been offering a free trial for a long time?  Why is this any different?  This is ALOT different.  Most providers who offer special pricing either do so without a free trial or end the trial with retail pricing.  Combining the free trial and special discount gives you an opportunity to test the service and still save 20% off unlimited Usenet access for life!  We think the new free trial + special will do quite well and look forward to your feedback.  Please send comments to feedback (at)

Read our Newshosting review to learn more about the service or sign up for the new free trial + special and enjoy!