NGD Weekend Sale – Save 35% Off Blocks

NewsgroupDirect is offering a weekend sale on block Usenet accounts.  This weekend you can save 35% off all block plans.  Ranging from 25 GB up to 1,000 GB of newsgroup downloads.  As with all NGD block accounts, the discounted plans are non-expiring blocks.  So enjoy the block for as long as it takes to use up.  To sign up simply visit NewsgroupDirect and click on the ‘Pricing’ page.  The 35% discount will be shown on all blocks.

Here’s a recap of the discounted pricing:

  • 25 GB block – $5.20 – (save $2.80)
  • 50 GB block – $7.80 – (save $4.20)
  • 100 GB block – $13.00 – (save $7.00)
  • 250 GB block – $20.80 – (save $11.20)
  • 500 GB block – $39.00 – (save $21.00)
  • 1000 GB block – $65.00 – (save $35.00)

The NGD weekend sale is a good opportunity to pick up a block Usenet plan.  Even for heavy users a block account in combination with a good unlimited Usenet plan is perfect for a backup and fills.  Don’t forget to sign up before noon on Monday to take advantage of the 35% savings.  In addition you can save 20% off unlimited Usenet access using our NGD coupon code.  Visit NGD by noon on Monday to save 35% off any block plan.

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NewsgroupDirect Announces New Block Pricing

NewsgroupDirect recently announced new block pricing.  Reducing all block accounts by at least 20% and adding additional block sizes including 250 GB and 1 TB options.  They are also offering an additional 33% off through April 7th.  Visit for more details or to sign up for a new block account.

NewsgroupDirect includes the latest version of News Rover for all members including block subscriptions.  With 50 connections, free SSL encryption and access to US / EU news servers.  Members of their unlimited account also receive 30 GB of free online storage.  If interested in an unlimited account NGD has been kind in offering our readers a 20% off lifetime discount.

Here is a list of the new block plans and updated pricing:

  • 50 GB – $12
  • 100 GB – $20
  • 250 GB – $32
  • 500 GB -$60
  • 1,000 GB – $100

Remember you can save another 33% on all blocks by signing up by April 7th.  The 50 GB and 1,000 GB blocks are available on the NGD pricing page.  Others can be added once you log in as a customer.

Read our NewsgroupDirect review to learn more or visit to sign up for Usenet access.

NewsgroupDirect New Year’s 50% Off Block Sale

NewsgroupDirect is celebrating New Year’s by offering new and existing customers 50% off all block Usenet accounts.  New members can start by purchasing a 50 GB block for $7.50.  Existing members can choose from an assortment of discounted blocks ranging from 10 GB up to 500 GB of newsgroup downloads.

NewsgroupDirect block members receive the same fast, reliable Usenet access as unlimited subscribers.  Including 50 connections and free SSL encryption.  Everything except online storage.  The difference being that you pay for a block of download capacity rather than a monthly Usenet account.

Here are the 50% off discounted block prices:

500 GB – $50
200 GB – $20
100 GB – $12.50
50 GB – $7.50
25 GB – $4.00
10 GB – $2.50

Those new to NewsgroupDirect will first sign up for a 50 GB block for $7.50.  Once a member you can pick and choose additional block accounts at the reduced price.  Sign up before January 5th at 11:59 PM EST to take advantage of the NGD New Year’s block sale.

Read our NewsgroupDirect review to learn more about the service or sign up and save 50% off all blocks.