NGD Weekend Sale – Save 35% Off Blocks

NewsgroupDirect is offering a weekend sale on block Usenet accounts.  This weekend you can save 35% off all block plans.  Ranging from 25 GB up to 1,000 GB of newsgroup downloads.  As with all NGD block accounts, the discounted plans are non-expiring blocks.  So enjoy the block for as long as it takes to use up.  To sign up simply visit NewsgroupDirect and click on the ‘Pricing’ page.  The 35% discount will be shown on all blocks.

Here’s a recap of the discounted pricing:

  • 25 GB block – $5.20 – (save $2.80)
  • 50 GB block – $7.80 – (save $4.20)
  • 100 GB block – $13.00 – (save $7.00)
  • 250 GB block – $20.80 – (save $11.20)
  • 500 GB block – $39.00 – (save $21.00)
  • 1000 GB block – $65.00 – (save $35.00)

The NGD weekend sale is a good opportunity to pick up a block Usenet plan.  Even for heavy users a block account in combination with a good unlimited Usenet plan is perfect for a backup and fills.  Don’t forget to sign up before noon on Monday to take advantage of the 35% savings.  In addition you can save 20% off unlimited Usenet access using our NGD coupon code.  Visit NGD by noon on Monday to save 35% off any block plan.

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