Last Chance to Purchase Newsbin Pro for $15

If you’ve been considering a purchase of Newsbin Pro this weekend is the time to do it.  Before the price increases with the release of version 6.  Currently the price of a new Newsbin license is $15 and includes all future releases.  On Monday, July 4th Newsbin is set to release version 6.0 and will be increasing the price to $20.  Still a great value considering the price was $35 for years.  So if you’d like to purchase a copy of Newsbin for the lowest price possible then grab a license this weekend for $15.

Want to download Newsbin version 6.0 before Monday?  Visit the Newsbin beta page and download the latest version which is the final.  Newsbin 6 includes a completely new UI and lots of great features.  We highly recommend you purchase a license and enjoy the newsreader.  Also check out their Internet (Usenet) search feature which is optional but adds a lot of convenience.  The search feature starts at $2.50 a month.

Read more about the Newsbin 6 user interface in our previous blog post or purchase a copy this weekend for $15 and enjoy all future upgrades for free.  Stay tuned to the blog Monday for more information on the official release of Newsbin Pro 6.

Newsbin Pro 55% Price Cut – $15 Newsbin Newsreader

Earlier today Newsbin Pro announced new pricing.  Lowering the price of the popular Newsbin Pro Usenet client from $35 down to $15.  Newsbin customers enjoy the latest version of Newsbin newsreader along with free upgrades for life.  We’ve been fans of Newsbin for years and especially enjoy the work they’re doing with the Newsbin Pro 6 beta releases.  Along with the recent upgrade to the Newsbin Internet (Usenet) search engine.

We’ve enjoyed using Newsbin Pro over the years.  The price cut only enforces our confidence in the continued success of the reader.  With the $15 price tag offering Usenet enthusiasts quite a value on an outstanding Usenet browser.  You won’t need any discount / coupon codes for the new $15 pricing.  Simply visit and purchase a copy of Newsbin Pro.  In addition to the client you also have the option of adding the Newsbin Internet Search for $2.50-$5.00 a month depending on you’re desired usage.

Read our Newsbin Pro review or visit to learn more about the Usenet client.  Remember the new $15 price is over 50% off the previous $35 mark.  With free upgrades for life and optional Newsbin Internet Search feature which now supports 1,000+ days of binary retention.