Newsbin Usenet Search : 1,000+ Days Binary Retention

We’ve been following the progress of Newsbin Pro 6.  With new beta versions coming often.  The newsreader is looking great.  Cheers to the Newsbin team.  Recently the Newsbin Internet (Usenet) search engine crossed a new milestone.  Now supporting 1,000+ days of binary retention across the popular alt.binaries groups.

Newsbin continues to increase search retention in line with Giganews Usenet service.  Which is at 1,006 days and growing.  Not to be confused though.  Newsbin Pro Internet (Usenet) Search will work with any newsgroup provider including UNS, Newshosting, NewsDemon, Astraweb, etc.  The search engine is updated every 15-30 minutes so you can expect up to date results.  To learn more visit or follow them on Twitter.