Frugal Usenet : Low Binary Retention = Low Price

Last month we spent some time reviewing Usenet providers and their account offerings.  Most of the services we follow support 1,000+ days of binary retention and extras like Usenet clients, online storage, etc.  All for around $8-$11 a month.  However, we noticed one provider offering something unique for those looking for new Usenet content.  Frugal Usenet stands out as the only provider we know of offering low retention at a value price.  Currently FrugalUsenet supports 100 days of retention for $5.99 a month or $60 a year.

Frugal Usenet isn’t for everyone.  In fact the service wouldn’t meet our needs as we like to go back further than 100 days of retention.  Yet we know some of you grab fresh content most the time and don’t have a need for over 100 days of binaries.  If you fit in that group then Frugal Usenet might be for you.

Frugal Usenet is managed by the same team who operates UseNetNow (NGR special – $10.39 unlimited) and Blocknews.  All of which have a reputation for providing quality service and excellent support.  UseNetNow offers unlimited Usenet access with higher retention while Blocknews offers block Usenet accounts.

For those new to Frugal Usenet here’s a rundown of their account features:

  • Unlimited Usenet access
  • 100 days of binary retention
  • 20 simultaneous connections
  • Free SSL encryption
  • News servers in the US and Europe
  • $5.99 a month or $60 a year

The service is definitely worth a look if 100 days of binary retention is enough.  Otherwise you might want to check out our Usenet providers section for a full list of alternatives.

We’ll leave you with a quote from the FrugalUsenet site:

A whopping and earth shattering 100 Days of retention! Sure others have higher, but hey, they are also more than twice the price of us and like our old high school girlfriends used to tell us, size does not matter.

LMAO!!  You have to appreciate a Usenet service with a good sense of humor 🙂