Easynews Tops 1,600 Days of Retention

While Easynews is best known for their award winning web interface, they are also focused on providing a quality experience for NNTP users.  Meaning those who use newsreaders like SABnzbd or Newsbin to access their servers.  Easynews is focused on continually improving their service.  They recently increased NNTP binary retention.  Their latest update brings retention up to 1,610 days.  Easynews members can enjoy the extra NNTP retention without paying more for it.  New users can sign up for unlimited NNTP access for just $9.95 a month.

Easynews 1,600 days NNTP binary retention

While NNTP retention just got a nice boost, the Easynews web interface is a very good fit for those new to Usenet.  It allows you to browse through over half a year of binaries without installing Usenet client software.  The web interface will let you view images, preview, stream and download content.  All from your web browser.  Read our Easynews web interface review to learn more about the features and see it in action.  The 1,610 days of NNTP retention gives you over four years of access using a newsreader like Newsbin Pro or Binreader.

Here’s a quick comparison of Easynews NNTP retention and web retention:

  • NNTP retention uses popular software clients like Newsbin Pro, NewsLeecher, SABnzbd, or GrabIt to connect and download from newsgroups.  Easynews includes a limited amount of NNTP access with all their plans.  You can sign up for unlimited NNTP for just $9.95 a month.  With or without a web account.
  • Easynews web interface and web retention are unique to the service.  Nothing else comes close to matching their web client.  It’s great for those who want to enjoy Usenet without configuring software.  Use the web interface to search, preview, stream and download.  New members can try it free for 14 days.

Cheers to the Easynews team as they surpass 1,600 days of NNTP binary retention.  Take a look at their $9.95 unlimited NNTP special.  You’ll enjoy unlimited Usenet plus a free trial of their popular web interface.

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