Easynews Hits 1,330 Days of NNTP Retention

Earlier today Easynews updated their NNTP binary retention from 1,275 days up to 1,330 days.  The increase of almost two months (55 days to be exact) is live.  Meaning that users can enjoy the extra NNTP retention without an increase in cost.  In fact right now Easynews is offering unlimited NNTP Usenet for just $9.95 a month.  Including a 14 day, 10 GB free trial of their popular web interface which is the best for beginners.

Along with Easynews expanded 1,330 days of NNTP binary retention they also have over 200 days of retention available through their web interface.  If that sounds at all confusing just think of NNTP retention as the type you would use with a newsreader like Newsbin Pro or SABnzbd.  While web retention is unique to Easynews and makes the service very simple to use.  Read our Easynews web interface review to learn more.

  • NNTP retention uses traditional Usenet clients like Newsbin Pro, SABnzbd, GrabIt or Alt.Binz to connect and download Usenet content.  Easynews includes NNTP access with all the web plans.  With the option of unlimited NNTP Usenet for just $9.95 a month.  With or without a corresponding web account.
  • Web retention is unique to Easynews service.  As their web interface is by  far the best around.  Perfect for non tech savvy Internet users making the leap over to Usenet.  The web interface helps you search for content, preview and download.  All from your web browser.  New members can try it free for 14 days.

Congratulations to the Easynews team for enhancing the service once again with the added NNTP retention.  With over 3.5 years of binary retention.  We highly recommend their $9.95 unlimited NNTP special.

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