Easynews Passes 3 Years of Binary Retention

The Easynews team continues to innovate their popular Usenet service.  Along with continuously improving the web interface, Easynews also continues to increase NNTP binary retention.  The latest update brings Easynews NNTP binary retention to 1,130 days.  Surpassing three years of binaries!  For NNTP users Easynews is offering a $9.95 unlimited Usenet account.  The $9.95 account also includes a 10 GB / 14 day free web trial.  A perfect chance for Usenet fans to test the latest web interface features.

With the latest retention update Easynews is holding strong with other leading Usenet providers like UseNetServer and Newshosting.  Which also support 1,130+ days of binaries.  Each is continuing to grow retention daily.  The difference is that Easynews offers something that the other major providers can’t compete with – web Usenet access.  Allowing members to use their favorite web browser to search newsgroups, preview, stream audio / video files and download content.  All without using a newsreader.  While Usenet veterans also have access to 1,130 days of NNTP binary retention through their favorite newsgroup client.

Interested in Easynews?  Sign up for the $9.95 unlimited special and receive 10 GB of free web access to test the web interface. Easynews offers NNTP server farms in the US and Europe for maximum throughput.  For those unfamiliar with NNTP it just means you need a newsreader to download.  We wrote a getting started Easynews tutorial recently if you’d like some suggestions for getting started.  Easynews also offers excellent tech support so feel free to contact them 24/7 with any questions.  If you have an iPhone / iPad check out EZ Global Search for mobile Easynews access.  Android users can consider EZ Usenet and EasyBrowser.