Binload Usenet Service Looking for Beta Testers

Binload is a new all-in-one Usenet service looking for beta testers.  Usenet access will be provided free of charge for the duration of the beta.  Which is expected to last the next 1-2 months.  Those interested should visit for more information.  The public beta sign up form is located on their homepage.

Binload beta testers gain free access to newsgroups using their all-in-one Usenet browser.  Which allows you to search for content, download and play audio / video inside the newsreader.  Binload currently supports 400 days of binary retention and up to 20 simultaneous connections.  Beta testers will receive a discount once the service goes live.  We do not have any pricing details yet but will share them once available.

Here are the Terms and Conditions Binload has listed for the beta:

This software is being offered by Verda Valo NV as part of a public beta test conducted by the Binload download service. As this concerns a test, Verda Valo cannot provide any guarantees regarding the nature or content of the service. Its functionality and availability are subject to change without notice.

The beta test is expected to take two months, but may be extended or curtailed at the discretion of Verda Valo. Verda Valo will make every effort to announce the conclusion of the beta test at least one week in advance. You may cancel your participation at any time. Your account will be closed upon the termination of the beta test.

Should it come to the attention of Verda Valo that you are making improper use of the service or not using it as a conscientious beta tester, you may be excluded from the beta test with immediate effect. Improper use constitutes, in any case, sharing your password with third parties, hacking the software and using the service in a manner that generates unacceptable disruptions for Verda Valo or other users of the service.

As this service is made available free of charge in the form of a test, Verda Valo accepts no liability whatsoever for faults, disruptions or defective operation of the software.

According to Twitter (@Binload), Binload has some 200+ beta testers and is looking for quite a few more.  We haven’t had a chance to test Binload yet but look forward to doing so in the weeks ahead.  Please let us know you’re thoughts on the new Binload service and help them make improvements during the public beta.