Astraweb Expands Usenet Offerings

Astraweb recently bumped up the speed on their unlimited accounts to 10 Mbit/s versus the previous 5 Mbit/s cap.  In addition they are now offering quarterly accounts for both the Astraweb unlimited and unlimited DSL (uncapped speed) plans.  For block Usenet fans Astraweb also added a 1 TB block account.  All of this is in addition to their current Usenet specials – unlimited DSL for $11 a month or $96 a year.

As you can see in the screenshot above we’ve highlighted the new accounts and updated 10 Mbps rate limit on the unlimited plan.  The quarterly unlimited plan is a good value at $20 for those with slower connections.  While the Astraweb specials are priced lower than the unlimited DSL quarterly plan.  As for block accounts the 1 TB block for $50 is a great value.  Matching NewsgroupDirect’s Terabyte Tuesday deals but available all the time.

Here’s a breakdown of the new Astraweb Usenet account pricing:

  • Unlimited : $20 for 3 months – works out to $6.67 a month
  • Unlimited DSL : $39 for 3 months – works out to $13 a month
  • 1000 GB block for $50 – works out to $0.20 a GB

All the changes were positive and add value to the Astraweb service.  We look forward to their continued efforts.

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