$30 Newsbin Pro with 1 Year of Internet Search

Earlier this week Newsbin released the latest version of their popular newsreader.  Newsbin Pro version 6 was released on July 4th.  Along with the new version came new pricing.  The Newsbin client itself costs $20 and includes lifetime updates.  Newsbin is also offering a second option that we really like.  Those interested in the Newsbin Internet (Usenet) search feature can purchase the reader plus a year of search for just $30.  Quite a value considering the search feature is normally $2.50 to $5 a month.

Newsbin Pro 6.0 is a great newsreader.  Those who have used Newsbin in the past can attest to its quality.  The latest release builds on that with a fresh new interface and lots of cool features that make downloading from Usenet more enjoyable.  If you haven’t had the chance to try Newsbin 6 then download a free 10 day trial.  Make sure to test out both the reader and the Internet search feature.