Giganews Scores Legal Victory for Usenet

Jan. 2017 update – Giganews has once again prevailed in the court of appeals over Perfect 10. Cheers to the Giganews team on their continued efforts.You can read the full verdict from the US Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit. Here’s a view of the conclusion in which the court of appeals affirms the district court’s decision. Read Giganews related blog post to learn more about the legal victory and their response.

Giganews legal victory

Feb. 2014 update – Last week Giganews scored a legal victory for Usenet.  The case involved Perfect 10 suing Giganews for copyright infringement.  They contended in part that Giganews was not protected by the DMCA Safe Harbor provision and that they were willfully distributing copyrighted content owned by Perfect 10.  The case started back in 2011 and recently brought a nice victory for Giganews and the Usenet community in general.

We’ll touch on a few of the issues brought forth in the Perfect 10 vs. Giganews case.  You can learn more by reading the verdict here.  It’s only 21 pages and is an interesting read for anyone who has ever wondered just how DMCA is supposed to work.  As it turns out Giganews is right in line with what the DMCA and Safe Harbor were meant to protect.  The case set some nice legal precedent to help protect Usenet providers in the future.

In reading the judgement you can tell that the judge wasn’t impressed by the case presented by Perfect 10.  They were very sloppy in their arguments.  Which isn’t all that surprising given their previous loses in court.  They seem hell bent on suing technology companies.  Trolling can be a lucrative business these days I suppose.  Instead this case helped define what expectations Usenet providers will have in terms of DMCA requests.

We’re not going to spend time explaining the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) because the judgement goes into detail for those who want to learn more about DMCA and Usenet.  Instead I want to share some of the arguments Perfect 10 made in the case along with the court’s response.  We’ll start with how Perfect 10 presented Giganews with takedown requests and then move on to some of the other issues in the case.

How Not to Present a DMCA Takedown Notice

Giganews has a page on their site that clearly defines the information they need for DMCA notices:

  1. Clear identification of the person or entity submitting the DMCA Notice.
  2. Clearly stated relationship to the copyright holder (self or authorized agent).
  3. Message-IDs for all articles the DMCA Notice is requesting Giganews take down. Please keep in mind some files are large enough to be posted across several Usenet articles; these are called multi-part posts. Be certain to identify by Message-ID all articles you want taken down.
  4. Clear statement, under penalty of perjury, that the information in the notification is accurate and that you are copyright holder, or authorized to act on behalf of the copyright holder.
  5. A “physical or electronic signature” of an authorized person to act on behalf of the owner. This is fulfilled by a name and a physical address that the authorized individual can be contacted should someone wish to contest your notification.
  6. While not legally required by the DMCA, including “copyright violation” in the subject line of your email will flag your DMCA Notice and bypass spam categorization.
  7. Submit the Notice to, the email address we have registered with the Copyright office pursuant to Section 512(c) of the Copyright Act.

Did Perfect 10 follow those instructions?  Not at all.  According to the court documents Perfect 10 presented Giganews with a series of screenshots.  The images showed them using a newsreader to search for related content.  They sent that information over to Giganews and told them to remove everything related to those searches.  Nevermind that they didn’t provide the message ID’s for the articles to be deleted.

You can think of the message ID on a Usenet post like you would a URL for a web page.  In order to remove content from a news server the provider needs to know exactly what to delete.  A screenshot of a search performed in a newsreader isn’t at all adequate.  Imagine trying to deal with that kind of notice to find and remove specific posts.  There are so many flaws in that approach.  Thankfully the court agreed.

Yet another issue in the case was whether or not Giganews properly dealt with repeat infringers.  This is important to falling under safe harbor protection.  Something that technology companies like Google as well as Usenet providers rely on.  Giganews was able to show that they warn users after the first notice and terminate their account after any subsequent notices.  That’s their stance on dealing with repeat infringers.

Again the court agreed with Giganews.  At question was why Giganews hadn’t kicked off more users.  That really comes down to the decentralized nature of Usenet.  Just because Giganews receives a DMCA notice and removes content doesn’t mean it was posted on their service.  What if the content was posted by an Astraweb customer.  Giganews certainly can’t terminate their account.  Once again the court understood and agreed.

One other issue we found interesting had to do with peering.  Since Usenet is decentralized it relies on peering between news servers.  User generated content is copied between those servers.  Perfect 10 questioned whether or not the copying of data should be considered copyright infringement.  The judge sided with Giganews in that data being copied between servers in being done on behalf of the user that posted it.

This is a clear victory for Giganews and the Usenet community in general.  Cheers to the Giganews team for defending Usenet and setting some important legal precedent.  That’s a great way to kick off the new year.

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NewsDemon $10 Unlimited Usenet + VPN

Over the last couple years we’ve seen several leading Usenet providers add VPN to their list of offerings. The addition of VPN has helped protect the privacy of thousands of Usenet fans. It also helps users avoid geo restrictions to unlock sites in other countries. NewsDemon has partnered with SlickVPN to give members the option of affordable VPN access. They are currently offering a sale for new members with unlimited Usenet and VPN access for $10 a month. Better yet, you can sign up for 12 months of Usenet + VPN for just $92 a year.


As you can see NewsDemon has several plans. In addition to those listed above, they also have a series of block accounts. We’re going to focus on the last three plans listed above. You will notice all three plans include VPN. They are each offered at a deep discount compared to the previous pricing. Let’s start at the top of the list and take a look at what’s included with each plan along with the price:

As a proponent of online privacy I recommend using the VPN included with NewsDemon. I’m not aware of any providers offering a better price on a monthly plan that includes Usenet and VPN. The sale is not an introductory price. The discount is recurring so you will save as long as the account is active. Enjoy unlimited Usenet + VPN for just $10 a month or $92 a year. That’s less than $8 a month for the annual plan.

In addition to rolling out new plans, the NewsDemon team has added TrustPilot to their site. This gives you a chance to see what users are saying about the service. Looking at the last 20 reviews, we saw a mix of feedback with 12 five stars, 2 four stars, 4 three star, and 2 one stars. A NewsDemon staff member made it a point to reply to the one star reviews. It’s nice to see the company being proactive in addressing any issues that members may have along the way. Their overall TurstPilot rating is currently 8.1 out of 10.

2017 Best Usenet Provider Awards

We’re excited to share our 2017 Editor’s Choice Award winners.  The honorees include some of the best known and most popular Usenet providers in the world.  Those who frequent Newsgroup Reviews know that we update the awards post on a regular basis to keep up with changes in the market.  This time around we’re excited to share enhancements to some popular Usenet services and the addition of VPN packages.

2017 Best Usenet Providers

You’ll notice that we celebrate the accomplishments of multiple newsgroup services with our Editors Choice Awards.  The reason is that we enjoy a number of Usenet providers and feel each offers an advantage over the others.  With criteria to include extra features, high retention, completion, performance, reliability and value.

Congratulations to all of our 2017 NGR Editor’s Choice Award winners.  We would like to thank each provider for their ongoing efforts in supporting the continued growth of Usenet.  The list of award recipients starts with Newshosting followed closely by UseNetServer, Easynews, Eweka, and Supernews.

Let’s take a closer look at our 2017 NGR Editor’s Choice winners for “Best Usenet Providers“:

Newshosting – Usenet + VPN + Client with Search

Newshosting Special

Expect the best performance and premium features for a value from Newshosting.  Including unlimited Usenet downloads and free access to their popular Newshosting Usenet client.  A very nice addition!  Along with uncapped speeds and free 256-bit SSL encryption.  Connect to their North American or European servers and enjoy unlimited Usenet.  All for just $9.99 a month or $99.99 a year (with VPN) via our NGR special.

Newshosting offers 3,000+ days of binary retention along with 1,400 days of text posts.  Subscribers enjoy unlimited Usenet access, Newshosting Usenet client, 256-bit SSL, uncapped speed and 24/7 support.  Take advantage of the Newshosting $9.99/mo. and $99.99/yr. unlimited Usenet specials.

UseNetServer – Usenet + VPN + Search

UseNetServer Special

UseNetServer provides an excellent mix of quality and value.  Since releasing their popular $10 unlimited Usenet special the service has grown rapidly.  UNS was always a staple in the industry but at $10 a month or $95.40 a year they’re really hard to pass up.  In addition to value, UseNetServer offers high retention and UNS Global Search.  Those who sign up for the UNS $95 a year deal also receive free unlimited VPN access.

UseNetServer offers 3,000+ days of binary retention along with two years of text posts.  Subscribers enjoy unlimited Usenet access, 256-bit SSL, 20 connections, uncapped speed and 24/7 live support.  Take advantage of the UNS $10/mo. and $95.40/yr. unlimited Usenet specials.

Easynews – Web Usenet Interface

Easynews Web Usenet

Easynews has everything you could ask for in a Usenet service including web access.  A feature that sets them apart from our other award winners.  The Easynews web interface allows users to browse newsgroups and stream content without the need for a newsreader.  Simply open your favorite web browser.  With third party apps for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Android mobile devices.  Easynews offers 3,000 days of NNTP retention if you want to connect via newsreader.  Web retention is over 2,600 days.  Take the new web interface for a test drive.

Easynews offers web Usenet access in addition to iPhone and Android apps.  Especially useful to those new to Usenet and others who would rather avoid the need for additional software.  Take advantage of the Easynews 14 day free trial and $9.95 unlimited NNTP offers.

Eweka – European Usenet Access

Eweka Special

Eweka is our favorite Dutch Usenet provider.  You will be hard pressed to find a better European newsgroup service.  They offer the highest retention in the region along with high speed downloads.  You will need to have a Dutch IP address to sign up.  You can use a VPN to subscribe to the service.  After you sign up you can connect to their servers from anywhere in the world.  Eweka is perhaps the best kept secret in Usenet.

Eweka offers 3,000+ days of binary retention and 1,265 days of text posts.  Subscribers enjoy unlimited Usenet, 256-bit SSL, 100 Mbps speeds, and 24/7 support for just €7,50 a month.  The special also includes a free upgrade to 100 Mbit which normally costs an extra €2,10 a month.

Supernews – Usenet Only Access

Supernews Special

Supernews was one of the first Usenet providers in the market.  I remember using their service along with Newsguy in the late 90’s.  That may seem like a long time ago but Supernews remains one of the top names in the industry.  The newspaper man is back with a good value on Usenet access.  The only difference is that Supernews doesn’t include extras like software and VPN.  Otherwise the quality is excellent.

Supernews offers 2,350+ days of binary retention along with 4,500 days of text posts.  Members enjoy unlimited Usenet, 256-bit SSL, 30 connections, and 24/7 tech support.  Take advantage of our Supernews deal and sign up for $9.99/mo. or $99/yr. and enjoy unlimited Usenet access.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our 2017 Editor’s Choice Awards for the best Usenet providers.  Please help us recognize and congratulate the winners for their accomplishments.  We look forward to the year ahead.

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Maximizing Astraweb Download Speeds

Jan. 9th update – According to Astraweb users on Reddit and our own testing it appears their news servers are down and have been for a few hours now. Newshosting has an unlimited Usenet + VPN plan for a comparable price if you need an alternative. Otherwise we suggest you set up both U.S. and European news servers for Astraweb. It won’t give you access to the service at the moment but could help with future slowdowns.

From time to time we hear from Astraweb members who are experiencing slow download speeds.  At first we referred them to the Astraweb speed troubleshooter and Astraweb tech support since a number of factors can cause slower than normal download speeds.  After reading some helpful tips and doing some testing of our own we found that splitting connections between their news servers can help maximize performance.

In a moment we’ll share some newsreader configuration tips that might help when slow downs occur.  First we’d like to mention that Astraweb performance is normally good.  We’ve been using the service for years and on occasion (normally on Sundays) the speeds can drop.  In those cases performance typically returns to normal within a few hours.  So rather than recommend alternatives we’re suggesting a workaround.

If you’re experiecing slow download speeds with Astraweb and have already taken the steps in their speed troubleshooter or know the issue isn’t on your end then try splitting your connections between Astraweb news servers.  We’ll give examples for both standard and SSL encrypted connections.

Astraweb has news servers in the US and Europe.  To maximize download speeds during times of slow performance we suggest you setup two servers and split your connections between them.

Here is the Astraweb news server info:

Secure (SSL encrypted): (U.S. servers) (European servers)
– using port 443 or 563 (we recommend port 443)
– set each server to use 10 connections

Standard (non-SSL): (U.S. servers) (European servers)
using port 119, 23, 1818 or 8080
set each server to use 10 connections

Not to confuse anyone.  Setting up two Astraweb servers is the same process you would take to setup news servers for two different Usenet providers.  You set each one up individually.  Perhaps using names like Astraweb US and Astraweb EU to easily differentiate between them in your newsreader.  If you think your ISP may be throttling Usenet downloads then try an alternate port.  Try port 443 for SSL and port 23 for non-SSL.

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Easynews Holiday Giveaway

Our friends over at Easynews are celebrating the holiday season with a giveaway.  All new and existing members can enjoy an extra Christmas gift.  We read a tweet from a happy Easynews customer who won five bonus gigs and a free month of unlimited NNTP.  The unlimited NNTP alone is worth $9.95 a month so that’s a nice prize.  The Easynews Holiday Giveaway will end on Dec. 31st so visit to claim your gift.

Easynews Holiday Giveaway

The Easynews web interface is by far the best around.  Browse over 2,600 days of binary retention through your web browser.  With the ability to search for content, view images, preview and stream.  All without any software.  Then if you want to go beyond 2,600 days you can fire up your favorite newsreader and browse over 3,000 days of retention. You can check out our Easynews web interface review to see some of the features in action.

Confused by NNTP vs. web retention?  If so here’s a quick explanation:

  • NNTP retention uses newsgroup software like SABnzbd, Newsbin Pro, NewsLeecher, or Binreader to browse and download from Usenet.  Easynews includes NNTP access with all their plans.  They also have the option of unlimited NNTP Usenet for just $9.95 a month.  With or without a corresponding web plan.
  • The web interface and web retention are unique to Easynews.  A great choice for those new to Usenet who don’t want to mess with installing a client.  Use the web interface to search for content, preview, stream and download.  Easynews also supports iOS and Android.  New members can try it free for 14 days.

New and existing Easynews members will receive the following gifts this holiday season:

  • Big Gig subscribers receive 10 bonus gigs
  • Plus subscribers receive 5 bonus gigs + 1 month of unlimited NNTP
  • Classic subscribers receive 5 bonus gigs + 1 month of unlimited NNTP

Cheers to the Easynews team as they get into the gift of giving this holiday season.  Remember that all new and existing customers are eligible for the promotion.  Don’t forget to claim your gift before the end of the year.

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Usenet Scores a Major Legal Victory

Dec. 7, 2016 – News Service (NSE) as they won their appeal against BREIN. In short the Amsterdam Court of Appeal found in favor of NSE. They found that NSE did not infringe on copyrights and did not act unlawfully. NSE already had a notice and takedown (NTD) procedure in place to allow copyright holders to request content be removed. Even so the court ruled in BREIN’s favor which forced NSE to close in 2011. We hope the latest ruling will lead to compensation for the lost revenue NSE sustained over the past five years and beyond.

Here are some more details from the press release posted to the News-Service site on Dec. 7th:

The Amsterdam Court of Appeal today set aside the decision of the Amsterdam District Court in the case filed by piracy fighter Stichting BREIN in 2009 against Usenet provider News-Service Europe B.V. (NSE). This means that NSE won on appeal.

The Court of Appeal ruled that NSE had not infringed copyrights, that as an intermediary, it is not liable for the infringements made on its platform by others and that NSE did not act unlawfully. Moreover, the filter imposed on NSE by the District Court in 2011 is contrary to European legislation (Article 15 of the E-Commerce Directive 2000/31/EC). This article stipulates that an intermediary cannot be obliged to exercise general monitoring.

Patrick Schreurs, former CEO: “Finally, justice! At the end of 2011 it was clear to friend and foe that the decision of the District Court could not be upheld. Even so, Stichting BREIN did not wish to await the outcome of the appeal lodged by NSE, the result being that a successful Dutch company had to cease its activities unnecessarily. That still hurts. After the appeal proceedings dragged on for over five years, the Court of Appeal has now finally ruled that we were right all along.”

However, the Appeal Court did order NSE to implement an effective notice-and-takedown procedure (NTD procedure). Such a procedure can point out to a provider the presence of unlawful material on its platform, so that it can take action and if necessary, remove the contested material. In line with the aforementioned prohibition of general monitoring, the initiative to this procedure lies not with the provider, but with the person making the report.

The order is striking because NSE already offered an effective NTD procedure before the legal proceedings were issued. In an earlier interlocutory order, the Court of Appeal denied that NSE’s NTD procedure was not effective. Moreover, offering an effective NTD procedure is one of the conditions on which an intermediary can successfully rely for exclusion of liability (section 6:196c(4) of the Dutch Civil Code). Since the Court of Appeal ruled that NSE complied with all the conditions, it had effectively labelled NSE’s NTD procedure as sufficiently effective. The court order is apparently a mere palliative.

Wierd Bonthuis, former CFO, on the judgment: “I am very satisfied that we have won on appeal in this dispute between our company and Stichting BREIN. If this judgment had been handed down by the District Court, NSE would have had no reason to cease its business activities. That, however, became inevitable when, despite the fact that we had filed an enforcement dispute, BREIN decided to enforce the judgment and left NSE with the damage.”

Aug, 19, 2014 – In a case that’s been ongoing for years the court of appeals in the Netherlands ruled in favor of News Service.  NSE was a Dutch Usenet service that closed down after an unreasonable court decision in 2011.  The appeal took nearly 3 years but Mr. Schreurs and everyone else involved in the case can be pleased by today’s appeals court ruling that Usenet providers like NSE don’t have to self police their networks.

In 2009 Bescherming Rechten Entertainment Industrie Nederland (BREIN) took News-Service (a major Usenet reseller in Europe) to court.  BREAIN claimed that NSE was responsible for the content on their network and should have to proactively remove copyrighted content.  The court sided with BREIN and required NSE not only to remove copyright content from their network but also to filter future posts without any request from the rights holder.  The unreasonable demand caused News-Service to shot down on November 4, 2011.

The appeals court still has some decisions to make but the main issue of whether or not Usenet provider’s will be expected to proactively police their servers for copyrighted content has been answered in the News-Service appeals court victory.  Dutch providers will likely need to respond to takedown notices from copyright holders.  Much like they do with DMCA requests in the United States.  That’s far better than proactively policing your network which is impossible given the massive volume of content added to newsgroups every day.

Cheers to News-Service on their court of appeals victory.  It’s been years in the making.  It has to feel good to Mr. Schreurs and everyone involved to have the court understand the technical details of the case better.  As a result the appeals court ruled in the Usenet industry’s favor.

Here are some more details from the press release posted to the News-Service site on Aug. 19th:

The court may not make it compulsory for Usenet providers to filter their message traffic. This follows from today’s judgment by the Amsterdam Court of Appeal in the case between News-Service Europe and BREIN.

The district court had previously found News-Service Europe guilty of copyright infringement. The court did not answer the question of whether News-Service Europe could successfully rely on the statutory rules that protect intermediaries such as ISPs. This ruling forced News-Service Europe to cease its activities.

In today’s judgment, the Court of Appeal reversed the judgment of the lower court. As an intermediary, News-Service Europe is not liable for possible copyright infringements by consumers. The earlier judgment of the lower court boiled down to a requirement to install a filter. The Court of Appeal has said that no such obligation may be imposed because it would mean that News-Service Europe would have to monitor its network continuously. This is contrary to settled case law of the European Court of Justice, according to the Court of Appeal. Patrick Schreurs, former CEO of NSE: “We are extremely pleased with this judgment. The Court of Appeal rightly found that a Usenet provider such as News-Service Europe cannot be expected to exercise preventative supervision of the notices posted by others.”

Interlocutory judgment
In this interlocutory judgment, the Court ruled that an intermediary such as News-Service Europe is, however, obliged to implement a so-called notice-and-takedown procedure. News-Service Europe has always said that it already had such a procedure in place. The next step is for the parties to explain to the Court of Appeal how the procedure should work and what other measures might be taken in this regard. “We look forward to this in full confidence”, said Wierd Bonthuis, NSE’s former CFO.

You can visit our Usenet providers section to learn more about newsgroup services around the world.

Usenet Passes 3,000 Days of Binary Retention

Leading Usenet providers are celebrating a new milestone.  As Newshosting, UseNetServer, Easynews, Eweka, NewsDemon, ThunderNews, Astraweb and more pass 3,000 days of binary retention.  We join in celebrating the accomplishment as they continue to innovate and bring quality service to Usenet fans.  When NGR launched we discussed retention in terms of days.  It’s hard to believe that services now support over right years of binaries and growing.  Leading providers continue to set themselves apart with efforts like these.

Server storage

Those of us who regularly enjoy Usenet now have access to over eight years of binary newsgroup posts.  At 3,000 days you can access newsgroup posts from more than eight years ago.  As 3,000 days ago was August of 2008.  Back then the highest retention to be found was 240 days, which is around 8 months.  Now we can all explore 100 months of Usenet posts for a fraction of the 2008 price of newsgroup access.

The quality and value offered by Usenet providers has also progressed since 2008.  Back then services offered unlimited Usenet for $20-$30 a month.  Fast forward to 2016 and the price is half that much.  Not only has the cost dropped significantly.  Users now enjoy free extras.  Including faster speeds and additional features like newsreaders, Usenet search and VPN access.  All for under $10 a month.

We look forward to celebrating for years to come as providers continue to grow retention.  Leading providers will have pass nine years in just a few months.  As always continue enjoying the best Usenet has to offer.  Visit Newsgroup Reviews to learn more about Usenet. Follow us @NewsgroupRevs for the latest offers.

NewsgroupDirect $7 Unlimited Sale

Newsgroupdirect continues to celebrate Halloween with a special offer on unlimited Usenet access.  We cover a lot of deals on NGD’s block accounts but they don’t offer discounts on unlimited plans all that often.  Through midnight EST you can sign up for the NGD unlimited plan for just $7.00 a month.  That’s over 60% off the normal price of $17.95  a year.  The deal is only active for one day and will expire at the end of Tuesday.

NGD Unlimited Sale

Here are some details on the NewsgroupDirect Usenet service:
– Unlimited speed downloads
– 3,000+ days of binary retention
– 3,000+ days of text retention
– Free News Rover newsreader
– Free 256-bit SSL encryption
– Up to 50 simultaneous connections
– Access to over 107,000 newsgroups
– Server farms in the US and Europe
– 99%+ completion rate
– 24/7 tech support

Read our NewsgroupDirect review to learn more or visit the NGD deal page for more details and to sign up.

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UsenetBucket Whack a Mole Promotion

UsenetBucket is going all out to celebrate the season.  They are starting by offering a Whack a Mole promotion which is running through Friday, October 21st.  Any new or existing members that sign up by the end of the promotion will receive between 5% and 30% of your order.  You play a game of Whack a Mole to determine the discount.  Visit and sign up no later than October 21st to save up to 30% off.

UsenetBucket promo

I’m sure its our geek side showing but we always enjoy seeing the holiday themes the Usenet providers come up with each year.  Most center around Christmas and New Years so we still have a few weeks to wait.  As for themes we really like what UsenetBucket has done in the past for Halloween.  They are original and I’m sure it takes some effort.  The only downside we’ve heard is some people wish they could mute the sound.  We never mind.

You can see the pricing above but we’ll quickly step through the details of their special:

  • Basic Bucket (10 Mbit speed cap) – €2,95 for 30 days of access
  • Comfort Bucket (40 Mbit speed cap) – €4,95 for 30 days of access
  • Ultimate Bucket (400 Mbit speed cap) – €12,95 for 30 days of access
  • Play Whack a Mole to save up to 30% off all buckets.

All UsenetBucket accounts include unlimited access to their European news server.  They have 1,200 days of binary retention along with SSL encryption.  We’re very jealous of anyone who has the bandwidth to come close to maxing out their Ultimate Bucket.  You won’t need a coupon code to snag the discount.  Just remember to play Whack a Mole and sign up by the end of Friday, October 21st to take advantage of the promotion.

You can check out our European Usenet page to compare UsenetBucket to other leading Dutch providers.

Top 10 Summer Usenet Promotions

It’s that time of year again.  Time to enjoy time outdoors with family and friends. The summer brings some of the best Usenet promotions of the year.  The summer season is typically slow for Usenet providers.  A good time for them to offer some exceptional discounts and test special offers that you won’t find other times of the year.  In a second we’ll list our top 10 Summer Usenet promotions.  Some were recently launched while others have continued into the summer.  All the discounts listed are recurring so enjoy the savings month after month.

Summer Usenet deals

1. Newshosting – Unlimited Usenet + VPN from $8.33/mo.

We consistently get the fastest speeds from the Newshosting client and news servers.  With over 2,900 days of binaries, free SSL and 30 connections.  Newshosting is the best Usenet service on the market.  Take advantage of the Newshosting summer special and enjoy unlimited Usenet for $9.99 a month or $99 a year with free VPN.  Saving you up to 45% on Newshosting.

2. UseNetServer – Unlimited Usenet with VPN from $7.95/mo.

The UNS $10 promotion has been very popular since it launched.  UseNetServer continues to deliver an outstanding service for a low price.  With 2,900+ days of binary retention, 20 connections, free SSL and Usenet search engine.  Take advantage of the UNS summer promotion and enjoy unlimited Usenet access for $10 a month or $95 a year.  Saving you up to 55% on Usenet + VPN.

3. Supernews – Unlimited Usenet for $9.95/mo. or $99/yr.

Supernews has been around a long time and offers some of the best Usenet access around.  With 2,350+ days of binary retention, 30 connections and free SSL encryption.  Access news servers in Europe or the US.  Take advantage of the Supernews summer special and enjoy unlimited Usenet access for $9.99 a month. Saving you 32% on Supernews.

4. NewsDemon – Unlimited Usenet + VPN for $11/mo.

NewsDemon offers more than just unlimited Usenet access.  With a package of features for their members including a free copy of Newsbin Usenet browser and the option to add VPN.  Take advantage of the NewsDemon summer special and enjoy unlimited Usenet access + Newsbin newsreader + unlimited VPN for $11 a month.  Saving you 50% on NewsDemon.

5. Easynews – Unlimited NNTP Usenet for $9.95/mo.

Easynews is best known for their web interface but they also offer NNTP Usenet access.  With 2,900 days of binary retention, 20 connections and free SSL encryption.  Easynews NNTP access is on par with other leading newsgroup providers.  Take advantage of the Easynews summer special and enjoy unlimited Usenet for $9.95 a month.  In addition to 14 days of free web access.

6. Eweka – High Speed 100 Mbit Usenet for €7,50/mo.

Eweka has a reputation for providing quality Usenet service and excellent technical support.  With over 2,900 days of binary retention, 8 connections and free 256-bit SSL encryption for privacy.  Access newsgroup servers in The Netherlands.  Take advantage of the Eweka summer special and enjoy high speed Usenet downloads for €7,50 a month. Saving you 20% on Eweka.

7. Astraweb – Unlimited DSL Usenet for $11/mo. or $96/yr.

Astraweb offers solid newsgroup service at an affordable price.  You can enjoy access to 2,900+ days of binary retention along with 20 connections and free 256-bit SSL encryption.  Access news servers in the US or Europe.  Take advantage of the Astraweb summer special and enjoy unlimited Usenet for $11 a month or $96 a year.  Saving you up to 45% on Astraweb.

8. ThunderNews – Usenet + Newsreader for $9.95/mo.

ThunderNews brings members unlimited Usenet downloads along with a free licensed copy of News Rover newsgroup reader.  With over 2,900 days of binary retention, 20 connections and free SSL.  Take advantage of the ThunderNews summer special and enjoy unlimited Usenet access + News Rover newsreader for $9.95 a month.  Saving you 50% on ThunderNews.

9. theCubeNet – Unlimited Usenet for $9.99/mo.

theCuberNet is known for their outstanding deals on block account. This time around they are also offering a discount on unlimited Usenet with 50 SSL connections. Connect to their servers in the US or Europe to browse over 2,900 days of newsgroup posts.  Take advantage of theCubeNet summer special and enjoy unlimited Usenet for $9.99 a month. Saving you 30% off theCubeNet.

10. UsenetBucket – 400 Mbit Usenet for €9,71/mo.

UsenetBucket offers a number of plans based on download speed.  The 400 Mbit Ultimate bucket is their recommended plan. Gain access to 1,200 days of retention and up to 50 SSL connections.  Take advantage of the UsenetBucket summer special and enjoy unlimited Usenet at speeds up to 400 Mbit for €9,71 a month.  Saving you 25% on UsenetBucket.