Offering $10.95 Unlimited Usenet

After hosting Usenet related information for the last year a new service has launched at  The features are similar to many top providers.  Offering high retention, completion and connections at a value.  We haven’t had a chance to test the service yet but notice they offer a 7 day, 3 gig free trial. Usenet features:
– $10.95/mo. unlimited access
– Free 7 day, 3 GB trial
– Free SSL encryption
– 600 days of binary retention
– 730 days of text retention
– 99%+ completion rate
– 50 concurrent connections
– News servers in the US and Europe
– 24/7 tech support

Read our review to learn more or sign up for a free trial. Offering Usenet Access is offering Usenet service.  Prices include $10.95 unlimited, $7.95 for 25 GB/mo. and $2.95 for 3 GB/mo.  Along with an option for a 7 day, 3 GB free trial.

We don’t know much about the new service but will bring you more information in the weeks ahead.  For now here are a few points of interest. Usenet service details:
– Over 600 days of binary retention
– Over two years of text retention
– Up to 50 connections
– 256-bit SSL included with all accounts
– Launch special – $10.95 unlimited
– Free trial – 7 days, up to 3 GB of downloads

Visit to learn more.