Give the Gift of Usenet this Christmas

With Christmas shopping in full swing why not give the gift of Usenet this holiday season.  For less than $100 you can gift a full year of unlimited Usenet and free VPN access from leading providers including Newshosting and UseNetServer.  You can also pick up a monthly plan from $9.99 a month and enjoy unlimited Usenet access.  Some providers are even giving away a free month of VPN service to celebrate the holidays.

Newshosting Holiday Deal

Watch for the extras included with each newsgroup service.  All of the deals listed below include unlimited Usenet access but some have additional features.  For example Newshosting includes access to their client software with built in search engine.  While UseNetServer also offers a free search engine.  NewsDemon includes online storage.  All three providers offer VPN service.  Along with our friends at ThunderNews.

We have tested an would recommend every service on the list.  Here is a list of current Usenet specials that include a full year of Usenet access.  Click on any link below to take advantage of the discounted price.

1. Newshosting$99 for 12 months unlimited Usenet + Client + Search + VPN

2. UseNetServer$95 for 12 months unlimited Usenet + Search feature + VPN

3. ThunderNews$96 for 12 months unlimited Usenet + Newsreader

4. Astraweb$96 for 12 months unlimited Usenet

Here are some monthly recurring Usenet deals: that are sure to be appreciate this holiday season:

1. Newshosting$9.99 a months unlimited Usenet + Client + Search + 1 month of free VPN

2. UseNetServer$10 a month unlimited Usenet + Search feature + 1 month of free VPN

3. NewsDemon$9.99 a month unlimited Usenet + Storage + Newsreader or $12.99 with VPN.

4. Easynews$9.95 a month unlimited Usenet + Free web interface trial

5. ThunderNews$9.95 a month unlimited Usenet + Newsreader or $12.99 a month with VPN

6. Astraweb$11 a month unlimited Usenet account

7. Ngroups$9.99 a month unlimited newsgroups + Storage

8. Fast Usenet$9.95 a month unlimited Usenet

9. UseNetNow$10.39 a month unlimited Usenet

10. NewsgroupDirect$16 a month unlimited Usenet + Storage

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from Newsgroup Reviews!

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FastUsenet Gets a Fresh New Look

We normally cover site designs around the holidays when Usenet providers decorate their website for the festivities.  This time around we’d like to share a new design from the team over at  They recently rolled out a fresh new look for the site.  It appears the services and prices are all the same.  I like the new design.  The features are well presented along with a tutorial that new users will find especially helpful. site has been around for a few years now.  They do a good job of offering value with their Usenet plans.  With accounts ranging from 6 GB to 35 GB a month.  Along with the option of unlimited usage.  You’ll find their prices to be competitive.  All new members have the option of a 14 day free trial.  Be aware that the trial is limited to 15 GB meaning you can download up to 15 gigs to test the service.  That should be plenty.

What’s included in their accounts?  For starters all plans come with access to news servers in the United States and Europe.  Along with up to 50 secure (SSL) connections and a customized version of GrabIt newsreader.  Speaking of GrabIt, the new site design includes a video that walks you through setting up and using the client to download from Usenet.  You can still use your favorite NZB site.  Check out the new FastUsenet video.

The video is short and to the point.  In just over four minutes it walks you through singing into the FastUsenet site and downloading GrabIt.  From there it shows the installation and newsgroup list download.  Learn how to subscribe to groups, import an NZB from your favorite site and search for content from within GrabIt.  Then when you’re ready to get started you can sign up for their free trial and test the service out for yourself.

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Best New Usenet Providers of 2010

This year brought some exciting new entrants into the Usenet space.  We would like to highlight our choices for the Best New Usenet Providers of 2010.  We will go in order from #1 to #3 and give you a glimpse into the offerings of each newsgroup service.

1. is our choice for the Best New Usenet Provider of 2010.  The service launched earlier this year and offers a good combination of features and value.  With over 817 days of binary retention along with SSL and 50 connections for only $9.95 a month.  New customers can test the service with the 14 day FastUsenet free trial.  In addition to your standard Usenet features also offers a simple iPhone newsreader and web interface.

2. offers unlimited and metered Usenet accounts.  They have also partnered with SecureVPNZ to offer customers personal VPN access.  New customers can try the 7 day free trial.  The service offers 550+ days of binary retention, 50 connections, SSL and unlimited newsgroup downloads for $12.95 a month.

3. Red Orb News

Red Orb News launched early in 2010 and offers both unlimited and metered monthly Usenet plans.  The service is owned by a previous administrator of, another trusted resource for all things Usenet.  Enjoy 630+ days of binary retention along with SSL and 20 connections starting at $1.99 a month.

Cheers to the teams at, and Red Orb News.  In addition and StealthNews were also considered for our list of the best new Usenet providers.  For more information on any of the newsgroup services above along with the latest free trials and special offers visit Newsgroup Reviews.

FastUsenet Oktoberfest Special and 14 Day Free Trial

A couple weeks ago we wrote about the launch of and their iPad giveaway.  Since then the service has announced an Oktoberfest special and free newsgroup trial.

During FastUsenet’s Oktoberfest special you can sign up for unlimited Usenet access for $9.95 a month.  With 732 days of binary retention, free SSL and 50 connections that’s quite a value.  The service also offers a basic web reader and iPhone newsreader.

In addition to the Oktoberfest deal is offering all new subscribers a free newsgroup trial.  Enjoy 14 days of access and up to 15 GB of downloads free of charge to test the service.

Read our FastUsenet review to learn more or sign up for the 14 day free trial during the Oktoberfest special and enjoy unlimited Usenet for just $9,95 a month.  Other discounted plans include 35 GB for $5.95, 15 GB for $3.95 and 6 GB for $2.95 a month. Launch and Free Apple iPad Giveaway launched a new Usenet service yesterday.  To celebrate they are offering 50% discounts on all accounts.  The plans range from 6 GB a month to unlimited access.  All of which include iPhone and web newsreaders.

The FastUsenet service appears comparable to other leading newsgroup vendors.  We haven’t had a chance to test the service.  They offer a demo of the iPhone and web readers online.  While FastUsenet is not offering a free trial you could sign up for the 6 GB account ($3.95) to get a feel for the service.

Along with the 50% discount and iPad / web newsreaders, FastUsenet is giving away an Apple iPad 16GB WiFi edition.  Sign up for service between now and March 1st, 2011 to be automatically entered to win.

Read our FastUsenet review to learn more about the service or sign up for your chance to win the iPad.