Who is Behind Dump Dropbox?

March 14 update: TorrentFreak confirmed that Giganews / Golden Frog founder is behind Dump Dropbox.

There is some buzz on social media sites today from those trying to figure out which competitor is behind dumpdropbox.com.  If you haven’t seen the site yet it’s a negative campaign against Dropbox.  The question is who is behind the site and were they handing out Dump Dropbox stickers at SXSW?


Glenn Fleishman @GlennF has been tracking the source of the site and we suspect he’ll be sharing the details of his investigation.  We’re not trying to break the story first.  There are others like Glenn who do investigative research for a living and frankly they are far better at it.  We look forward to reading Glenn’s conclusion.

Our interest is in whether or not Golden Frog is behind the site since we write about their services.  A couple weeks ago we shared an announcement in regards to a SXSW party that Giganews / Golden Frog is throwing tonight.  Since their storage product is aptly named Dump Truck, might they be the source?

We know a few things for sure:

  • Golden Frog, the creators of Dump Truck, are located in Austin
  • Golden Frog hosted a booth at SXSW Interactive in Austin
  • Golden Frog / Giganews is hosting a party at SXSWi tonight for their VyprVPN privacy service
  • Golden Frog uses some of the same points like not outsourcing data or using data deduplication on their site to promote their Dump Truck online storage service – more info
  • Giganews compares their services to Usenet competitors
  • Giganews doesn’t hide behind the comparisons made on their site

Take a look at the Why Giganews page.  You’ll notice a section titled “Not all Usenet is created equal” where Giganews compares their service to others.  It looks like the message is targeted at resellers.

We don’t have any problem with people or companies sharing their opinion as long as they stand behind it.  Whoever published DumpDropbox is hiding behind the message.  Perhaps to build some buzz.  We’ll see.  Hopefully the source will come forward and voice their opinions publicly.  I suspect we’ll find out soon.

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