Free Online Storage for Usenet Downloads

Last week’s launch of Google Drive got us thinking about online storage for Usenet.  A topic we’ve written about in the past as providers like NewsDemon, NewsgroupDirect and Giganews offer storage as part of their Usenet packages.  Now a days though it’s getting easier to find free online storage in larger amounts.  With services like Google, Mocrosoft, Apple, Amazon, Dropbox, Mozy and SugarSync offering free online backup space.

If your Usenet provider offers secure online storage then by all means take advantage of that first.  Some might also consider backing up their content to Usenet.  While that is certainly an option we prefer these solutions.  As they allow you to store your Usenet downloads and personal files securely without having to post them.

Free online storage offered by Usenet providers:

  • NewsDemon – 30 GB storage with Usenet and newsreader for $9.99 a month
  • NewsgroupDirect – 30 GB storage with Usenet and client for $16 a month
  • Giganews – 30 GB storage with Usenet, client and VPN for $34.99 a month

Those using other Usenet services can look elsewhere for online storage.  As several well known vendors offer free space to backup your files online.  Offering the advantage of safely storing your Usenet downloads along with access from anywhere and in many cases the ability to publicly or privately share your files.

Here are several online backup services that offer free storage.  Listed in alphabetical order:

We could list more free storage offers but these are some good options to get you started.  Please let us know if we missed any of your favorite services.  Otherwise you can grab around 50 GB of online space from those listed above.  The free storage amounts listed are baseline.  Several offer promotions for more free space.

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