theCubeNet Go Long and Save Event

It’s great to have college and NFL football on the weekends.  Actually now a days there are games on just about every day.  To celebrate, theCubeNet is running a “Go Long and Save Event” with discounts on both Usenet and VPN accounts.  You can sign up for a year of Usenet access for $77.99 and a year of VPN for $29.99.  The sale is set to run through October 6th so you have the weekend to sign up.  Visit to save.

theCubeNet Go Long Sale

As you can see theCubeNet is discounting both Usenet and VPN accounts.  Which one is the best deal?  It really depends on your needs.  If you plan to download from Usenet often then we recommend their $77.99/yr. unlimited deal.  If you just need a backup Usenet account then their 250 GB block is a good value.  Anyone seeking some additional privacy outside of Usenet will benefit from VPN.  It’s also great for unblocking channels in other countries.  Watch live events and popular streaming services in other areas of the world.

Let’s take a quick look at theCubeNet Go Long and Save Event pricing:

  • Unlimited Usenet – $77.99 a year
  • Unlimited Usenet – $41.99 for 6 months
  • 250 GB block – $19.99 one-time
  • Unlimited VPN – $5.99/mo. or $29.99/yr.

What can you expect from theCubeNet Usenet service?

Whether you purchase an unlimited account or a block from theCubeNet you can expect reliable service.  They offer 50 connections and free SSL with all plans.  If you don’t already have a favorite Usenet client they’ll take care of that with a free licensed copy of News Rover.  They offer a large pool of retention at over 2,600 days and growing.  Along with news servers in the United States and Europe for the best performance.

What can you expect from their VPN service?

theCubeNet has partnered with OctaneVPN to bring you reliable VPN service at a very low price.  With the account you can connect on up to two devices using OpenVPN, PPTP or L2TP protocols.  They offer a free VPN client and support iOS and Android mobile devices.  You can connect to any of their servers in over 30 countries.  The plan is unlimited so you can switch between locations and use unlimited bandwidth.

Read our review of theCubeNet to learn more and then visit their Go Long and Save page today to join.