theCubeNet Adds Bitcoin Payments

Usenet fans in search of more anonymous payment options will appreciate the latest news from theCubeNet.  There aren’t many newsgroup providers that offer Bitcoin yet but that could change as services start promoting it as a payment option.  In fact theCubeNet is encouraging Bitcoin use by offering double the block size this weekend.  You can pick up a 500 GB block with Bitcoin for just $19.99.  Visit to sign up.

theCubeNet Bitcoin Promotion

theCubeNet Bitcoin special will be live through the end of the weekend.  They are offering special prices on unlimited Usenet access as well as block accounts.  Their unlimited plan is $9.99 a month but where they really shine is their block deals.  If you just need a small block for fills you can pick up a 50 GB with Bitcoin for just $2.99.  Those who want more can look at the 100 GB and 250 GB options.  Double either using Bitcoin.

If you’re new to theCubeNet this is a great time to test it out.  We’ve used them for years.  You’ll find their network to be very good.  We enjoy excellent performance with SSL enabled.  They offer up to 50 connections but you won’t likely need anywhere close to that on their network.  You can browse over 1,850 days of binary retention and download a free copy of News Rover to get started.  Cheers to their team for adding Bitcoin payments.

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